Aqua Fit Class

Water weights
Water weights

This morning I woke before my alarm went off and could hear the rain falling outside. Most places have snow coming down and temperatures that start with a minus sign but not in Victoria. We have rain and cool temperatures without a minus sign. Since I can’t control the weather I just dress for it and make the most of it.

I left the house around 5:30am to go to the pool. When I arrived I saw Robynne and then Cyndy. I have worked with both of them before when I have been in different departments at Royal Roads. There were a bunch of keeners waiting to go through the gate because we were there before 6:00am. My plan for today was to swim laps like I had done yesterday but as I went into the pool area I saw a bunch of people grabbing the flotation belts. I asked one lady what everyone was doing and she said there was an aqua fit class happening. I grabbed a belt and joined in.

I had never done one of these classes before but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I got in the water and started to follow what the others were doing. They were swimming in a big circle which was the warm up I soon realized. There was a guy standing on the side of the pool who was the instructor and once we were all in the pool he started to give us instructions.

There were usually three to four different moves he had us do and we would repeat them three times. Some things we did were:

  • running on a spot
  • lunges
  • side, forward and back kicks
  • high knees
  • touching your toes
  • keeping your toes out of the water and doing a forward and backward motion with your arms
  • used floating weights and sometimes they were under the water to give resistance for various moves
  • used flutter boards for resistance moves

    Flutter boards
    Flutter boards

The hour flew by and I had fun. By the time I was done I could feel my core burning and that surprised me. I struggled with some of the exercises while others weren’t as hard. When they were harder for me I wasn’t as quick doing them so I worked on making sure my form was correct.  The class runs on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s so I will make them part of my weekly workouts for the next month to change things up some more.

Have you done an aqua fit class? How did you find it?



12 thoughts on “Aqua Fit Class

    1. If you love the water than I would say try and move past being embarrassed because I thought that way in the beginning when I was swimming last time and soon realize that no one is actually looking at me.

      We are all there to do our own things and the fact that we have gotten ourselves out of bed to do it is the big thing.

      Do what makes you happy. 🙂


    1. I have never seen that movie but tried to find a clip of it on YouTube. No luck so I guess I will have to make a movie to see.

      I would say give it a go if you can.


    1. Oops. Looks like I spell it wrong.

      I enjoyed the class and look forward to going back again.

      I saw someone deep water running the other day at the pool using one of the belts around her waist and the other belt was fastened to the ladder. She was running on the spot so to speak so I tried it this morning. That was good and tiring.


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