Acupuncture Round 3

So, last night I went to see Gwen for another treatment and this time it hurt a bit more than last time.  Her main area to work on this treatment was my soleus muscle.

She did what she called a laddering effect just above my achilles. It is to help to move things in my body. I can’t remember the exact description she gave but that was the basics.  She had described to me what she had done but it wasn’t until I saw the picture that I really understood what she meant.  The needles kind of alternated on each side.

Laddering effect of the needles
Laddering effect of the needles

Gwen also placed a needle in middle of my foot. This was a first for me and was not a good feeling. Actually most of the needles placed last night were not so nice feeling.

She told me that in Chinese Medicine they see our bodies as if we walked on our hands and feet. So sometimes they would place needles in the same foot and hand or they would do opposite hand and foot.* So by placing a needle in the middle of my right foot she also placed a needle in my left hand. She also placed one in my wrist and I am sure that had something to do with all the needles in my heel but thankfully it was ONLY one.

Right foot with needle in the middle to "match" left hand.
Right foot with needle in the middle to ‘match’ left hand.

The one she placed in the middle of my left hand felt like it was hitting a nerve. It was uncomfortable for a few minutes but I tried to focus on my breathing and it eventually settled and didn’t feel so bad.

Left hand to 'match' the needle in my right foot
Left hand to ‘match’ the needle in my right foot

She placed two more needles in my right wrist as well. I can’t remember what these ones were working but they weren’t nice a feeling.

Right wrist
Right wrist

I have my first race of the Frontrunners Island Race Series on Sunday and it is an 8km run. I asked Gwen at the beginning of my session about running in it and she said that I shouldn’t. That is hard for me to hear because all I want to do is run. It is the first race of the series and I have run every race for the last two years. It is something I look forward to doing with Warren and my other running friends I have met over the years. It is also one of my goals for this year to try to be even a second quicker than last years times.

So, while I was resting on the table I thought about things and thought maybe I had come up with a solution that could work for us both. I suggested that I would only run on January 12th and January 26th (10km race) but would take the rest of January off from running.  I wouldn’t even do run club. I thought that was a good happy medium and we could both win. The idea wasn’t received like I had hoped so I have until Sunday morning to figure out what I am going to do. Stand by.

Overall though my heel is feeling better. It isn’t as sore as it has been to walk on and I don’t walk with a limp. I have a pair of  lovely pink Crocs that I am sporting at home and I think they are helping. I have been using my foam roller and tennis ball on my calf and is looser than when I first went to see Gwen. I can feel a difference overall in my right leg which I am happy for.

So, the big question I have to figure out is to run or not to run? What would you do?


*Don’t take my explanation as to how it works in Chinese Medicine as fact. I am trying to remember the things that I was told while being poked with needles.

8 thoughts on “Acupuncture Round 3

  1. Sounds like you had a tough session. It’s a difficult call- I would be very, very tempted to run, but would hope I wouldn’t. Is it worth risking further injury and missing even more races? It’s a tough one- good luck in calling it!


  2. I think you should not run for a couple of months or until your heel is really, truly better. You have 12 months to improve your time! If you push yourself before you are ready, your treatment could drag out for months and months or years even! If you give yourself the time you need to heal, it will probably go much faster and you’ll be better than ever. ❤


  3. It’s a tough call and I know I would be tempted to run, but I always ask myself, do I want to run tomrrow or for the rest of my life? That puts things into perspective.


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