Going through the motions

Today I am tired and I feel like I am just going through the motions. I am a bit quiet and that is not the usual me but I am thinking about my foot and the race on Sunday. Thank you to those who weighed in with your thoughts and advice. You made good points and they are under consideration.

I went to Aquafit this morning and thankfully I had someone telling me what to do. If I hadn’t it would have been one of those days when I started to workout and then left the gym or in this case the pool.

This is how I felt at the pool today
This is how I felt at the pool today

I have been in the pool every day this week and I am liking it. My body is adjusting to the new workout and my lower back has started to bother me a bit. I am using different muscles swimming and I am also not a strong swimmer so my form is not the best.

Yesterday when I was talking with Cyndy at work she mentioned that when I was in class on Tuesday I was leaning over isn’t of being up right. So, today when I was in the pool I thought even more about my form.

She made a recommendation that I pretend there is a string going down the front of me, going through my legs and being pulled up my back. She said to focus on keeping my shoulders back and head straight. So, today I really thought about that and it helped. She only had to correct me once during the class which was good.

So, to those of you who are new to the pool or starting up again remember Cyndy’s recommendation. It could help you.

Tomorrow is going to be my rest day and I look forward to the morning at home before I take a trip to Vancouver for work.

Do you have any tips me to use while  in the pool?

2 thoughts on “Going through the motions

  1. I love how active you are Kyla! I wish I could bottle up your positive energy! I enjoyed ready your post, was wondering, do you use aqua shoes during your workout, the little bit of support may help your planters fascitis.


    1. Thank you Krista.
      I have never tried aqua shoes during my workout. I don’t typically touch the bottom of the pool in Aquafit so not sure if they would help. The class is half in the deep end and have in the more shallow end.


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