No expectations

This morning the Harriers Pioneer 8K Road Race took place and it was the first of eight races that are part of the Frontrunners Island Race Series. As you know I have been getting acupuncture treatments for my heel and was advised by Gwen not to run and let my heel rest.

I am a competitive person and I love to run which in some ways is so funny because I used to dislike running when I was younger. Now I have made it a lifestyle and being told that I can’t run isn’t an easy thing for me to hear or to do. I also know that if I was told that I would never be able to run again that would be more devastating than not running for one month. I have stressed over what to do for the last two weeks since hearing I can’t run and have listened for the last 11 days until today. I ran in the race and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest.

I didn’t know what I was going to do though until this morning. I had said to myself that if I was hurting or not feeling up to running then I wouldn’t. But I woke and felt good. I was as nervous as I have ever been about a run I think. It has been awhile since I have raced but I felt more nervous because of the unknown of my heel. So many questions were going through my head like how would it feel? Would I be able to finish? What would my legs feel like running after so long of not running? Would they know how to go fast? Would I have to stop during the race? My mind was full of all these questions and more for the last two weeks. I found I would be quiet a lot because of this both at home and work.

So, this morning before I left the house as my stomach was full of nervous energy I told myself that I had no expectations for this race. I would listen to my body and if my foot hurt too much I would stop even though I had never stopped running in a race. But I wanted to run to see how it felt after being off it.

Warren and I left the house about 9:40am and headed to the Saanich Fair Grounds where the race was taking place. Once we arrived we headed inside to pick up our race bibs. We ran into some of our fellow runners from run club and also other friends we have met over the last few years at these races. I love the environment and everyone we see and many runners said the same thing to me today.

Me and W before the race
Me and W before the race

We headed out to warm up around 10:40am because the race was to start at 11:00am. It ended up starting ten minutes late though because there were so many last-minute runners registering. I was Ok with that though because it left time for one more bathroom stop before I headed to the start line.

We were counted down and off we went. I felt good as I headed down the hill from the start line. I could see Warren and he ran a few feet in front of me until we turned the first corner. Then he was gone. I know I can’t keep his pace and have learned the hard way not to try to keep up with him. My heel felt good as I ran along so that felt promising. I didn’t have pain or at least pain like I used to have when I started a run. I felt good and my legs wanted to run. My body was happy to be working hard. I worked on not getting carried away with the faster runners because I knew I had to pace myself and not burn out before the end of the race.

At the halfway mark of the race I crossed the line at 17:29. I felt good about my time and so did my foot. Just past the time clock I came to the cheering section of the race. I didn’t expect anyone to be there that I knew but then I heard “Go Kyla! Go!” over my iPod tunes. I looked to the left to see Kim, Rich and Shawna cheering me on. It was just what I needed and the best feeling. So good that it gave me goosebumps and it encouraged me to keep going.

At the turn around marker for the last few kilometers I was still out to run my run and had no expectations. I was feeling pretty good and mentally and I was in a good place. As I came to the 7k marker though I could tell that I wasn’t going to have a personal best for this race. I was Ok with that and I was just happy to be out running. I crossed the finish line in a time of 34:55 which was 27 seconds slower than last years time.

After I caught my breath I found Warren. We headed inside and my foot was not feeling too bad. There was a place for you to get a massage so I took advantage of that and I told the girl that I had plantar fasciitis. She had me lay on my back so she could rub my foot and it hurt pretty bad but I knew that it was needed. I would like to say that it was a hurt so good pain but that wasn’t the case. She told me that one of the bones in my foot was tight and that could be part of my problem so it will be something I mention to Gwen tomorrow.

Overall I was 9th in my age group and it was a good day. I received peanut butter cookies from Kim when I saw her at the finish and it was a great birthday surprise. I had a good run, happy that I did it and I will wait and see what Gwen has to say tomorrow when I go and see her for round four of acupuncture. I also have an appointment for this week with an osteopath to see what he has to say.

Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies from Kim
9th place in my age group
9th place in my age group and my celebratory glass of wine

I have no regrets that I ran today and happy I did it.

Did you run or race today? How was your run?


11 thoughts on “No expectations

  1. Happy Birthday! It’s great you ran. Sounds like you probably would have had regrets it if you had decided not to. Glad your foot is healing 🙂 It’s inspiring to know that even though you didn’t like running when you were younger that you have now made it a lifestyle.


    1. Yes. It is definitely a lifestyle for me and also saves me money so I don’t have to pay a therapist. haha

      I am happy I ran but my foot is bothering me today. I maybe shouldn’t have ran like Gwen said but I wouldn’t have known and would have wondered if I hadn’t.

      Thanks for the wishes.


  2. I figured you would run 🙂 I’m sorry that your foot is sore again, but as you say, you would have wondered, and now you know that 11 days rest just isn’t enough right now. I’m impressed you made it that long haha! I’m interested to hear what the osteopath says… looking forward to the next post ❤


    1. Thanks Kim.
      Guess you and others know me too well. Making it 11 days wasn’t easy.

      I am going to try shock wave therapy now on Thursday as well. Gwen suggested that might help.

      I will update on both appointments.


  3. wow, awesome time! i only wish i could run that fast!! it’s funny, i used to HATE running as a kid and was always the last runner to come in when we had to do runs. i truly hated it, which is why i find it so funny that i love to do it so much now!


    1. Thanks Cindy.
      I would avoid running as a kid. My sister would do it but I would stay clear. Didn’t like long distance running but now I love it or appreciate it more.

      Sprinting or track work are not my fav or something I am good at but I do it when I need to. Run club nights are the perfect time for it and when I attempt a fast sprint to the finish of a race. 😉

      Hope you are doing well.


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