Things I miss about running

In the past 14 days I have run one day and it was the best feeling in a while. I ran in an 8k race so it wasn’t a kind of run where I got to admire the views and take in the smells around me because I was on a mission just to finish. My legs were running and my heart rate was pounding so to me it was perfect.

Since I haven’t been running I keep myself active by swimming, riding my bike on weekends and today I went on the stationary bike at the gym. I also tried the elliptical but it hurt my foot too much so had to stop.  I am happy to be able to do these things and not just stay at home because that would be much worse. But since I haven’t been running I have noticed changes in myself both physically and mentally. Things like I don’t sleep as well and my mind never gets the escape like when I run.

After the race on Sunday I felt Ok and had a bit of a limp as we walked to the car. But by the time I woke up Monday morning I was really sore. Walking on my right foot was painful but in a different way than it had ever been before. The whole right side of my body felt like it was twisted and I couldn’t place my foot flat on the floor. It was like my arch wouldn’t extend and I had to walk on the outside of my foot. My back had been sore earlier in the week and was in worse shape. It felt like it would ‘catch’ when I walked. Sitting was just as bad and the way I was feeling I had never felt before.

So, yesterday at work my friend Kate recommended I go see her massage therapist so I did. When I first went in he did an assessment and said that my right side was sitting lower than my left. He worked wonders and hour later when I left he said I was back in line. Today I feel better and walking is easier so this I am happy for.

Some people lately don’t understand why I am having trouble to take some time off from running. I try to explain it to them but they look at me funny. Running to me is like air. Now that I have made running part of my life I feel I need it. I can go a day or two without running because I have a reserve but going longer than that I find hard. My back up tanks are on empty but I have decided that I am going to stay off running until I get things sorted.

When I think about running though these are some of the things I miss:

  • the feel the pound of the pavement under my feet
  • the spring in my step as I leap over roots and rocks on trails
  • walking out my front door and feeling the morning air on my skin
  • running on a mild winter morning in a tee-shirt (Yes, that does happen in the winter here.)
  • exploring new areas and revisiting routes already traveled
  • smelling the scent of detergent from a dryer, bread being baked at the bakery or even someone enjoying marijuana
  • running with Warren on the weekend
  • running with girlfriends
  • running with my run club peeps
  • feeling energized and tired at the same time after a good run
  • clearing my head
  • run dancing

I will bottle these things up and take them off the shelf on days when I think I don’t feel like running. But for now these things will help me get through until I can run again.

What are things that you love about running?

GutBuster race June 2013
GutBuster race June 2013





17 thoughts on “Things I miss about running

  1. When my foot was injured, I was told to stay off the elliptical. Ice not gone back because I noticed it did seem to cause me problems as my injury first appeared.

    I totally get how hard it is not to run. I sometimes whisper to myself “I am a runner”… it’s part of my identity and I don’t feel myself without it.


    1. Thanks for letting me know. The bike seemed to be ok so I will stick with that.

      Today is a better day than yesterday and I don’t hurt as bad. This I am happy for.

      I like what you whisper to yourself. That made me smile.

      Have a great day!


  2. hahaha! you must run around where I do because the route that hubs and I do, we quite often catch the whiff of marijuana. I totally get what you mean by trying to explain to non-runners why it bugs you so much when you can’t run…when I try to explain to people why I feel compelled to exercise, I say it’s like brushing my teeth…it’s non-negotiable!


    1. Yes Cindy, I do run near you sometimes but I can sometimes smell it as a car passes by me. That is never so good and I worry for others safety then.

      That is a good way to describe not being able to run. I may use that one day. 🙂 Thanks for that.


  3. You’re having such a tough time, and while I’m sure you’re happy you did your race, it’s a pity you are still in a lot of pain, glad the massage helped!


    1. Some days are worse than others but I just needed to write yesterday my thoughts and how I was feeling. And what running means to me since some people don’t understand when I tell them.

      I feel better today than yesterday and walking is much easier. This I am happy for.

      Thanks Jayne.


    1. Thanks Jess. I know I will. I guess I just wanted to write how I was feeling yesterday. I know it isn’t the end of the world I just have been struggling explaining to people why running is so important and this was my way.

      What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I will only get better with this.

      I will let you know about tomorrow.


  4. If it’s even possible, you will enjoy running even more when you go back. You talk about run dancing!? You need to run with Victoria!


    1. Yes. I was thinking that last night as I was writing my post. I have a new appreciation for running now.

      Thank you. 🙂 I know you speak from experience.

      I am sure Victoria and I would have some good laughs run dancing. haha


  5. I understand ya Dolly & feel bad for you and want you’re foot to heal fast!!!!…..However, You are a positive little monkey…so now I want to see a list of the things you can do and enjoy while you can’t run. 🙂 xoxo


  6. Oh man I know how much you love running, so I can understand that it must be really hard to not be able to do it!

    Keep your eye on the prize – not running now means you’ll get to run later. Running now might be the last runs you ever get to do if you compound your injury. I know you’ll find the bright side in all of this, because you’re a sunny buttercup and that is what you do!


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