Changing up Wednesday

So last night I wrote a post about all the things that I missed about running and what it meant to me.

My friend Karen this morning commented on the post and said that she wanted to see a list of all the things that I can do and enjoy while I can’t run. And as Kim mentioned I need to find the bright side of it too.

Tonight is typically a run club night for me but since I knew I wouldn’t be going I got myself to the pool this morning sporting my new swimsuit. I did laps and think I got about 60 or so done in the 45 minutes I was there. Some of my laps I completed were running in the one meter pool just to change things up.

New Roots swimsuit
New Roots swimsuit

Then at lunch today I went to the strength and cardio class at the gym that I don’t typically go to because of run club.  I had to modify some of the exercises because of my foot but I was working up a sweat. I was happy to be in the class and went back to work feeling good.

After work I came home and I got some cleaning done around the house that we had been putting off. It is a nice feeling to have the floors cleaned and things a little more organized. I also found a few Christmas decorations up that I missed when taking the others down so those are now put away with the others.

And the last thing that I got enjoy today was have time for me and the kiddos.

How was your Wednesday?


7 thoughts on “Changing up Wednesday

  1. I really like that you are seeing the positives in all of this. I have thankfully never been sidelined by injury as such, but I have had times or days when I had to reduce my running for various reasons. I also find something else to focus on in that time as well, it really helps keep me happy and sane. Do you know when you can hit the roads again?


    1. Some days are easier than others to see the positive side. Lucky you for being able to run. Enjoy and run a run for me soon. 🙂

      I saw an osteopath today and he is going to try and have me back in a month. Not what I want to hear but I am going to listen this time.

      Post about my session to come later tonight.


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