Going to the Osteopath

Today I had an appointment to go to an osteopath after my friend Kerry recommended that I see one about my foot.

When I went to the appointment I wasn’t sure what I was to wear so I brought a pair of sneakers and yoga pants with me just in case. Good thing I did because I had to change into them. Before the appointment I had filled out a form before I went that had most of your standard questions on it.

Once I was in his office Cameron introduced himself and we went through my form. He would ask questions and I would answer. We talked about my sleeping pattern, my mind activity and my physical history. Nothing was held back so we could solve this problem.

As I sat in the chair when we first started talking he told me that he could already tell there was something causing my left shoulder to turn inward. I then went on to explain that I had a coracoid impingement on that side. He then said that the surgeries that I had on the left side, about ten years ago had probably pulled the fascia down and that was what was causing what the other doctor said was a coracoid impingement. Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe it. I found out that I need to have my massage therapist do myofascial release on that area and that would help solve things. But if I continued the way it was and went back to doing weights than I would always have pain. Well, I will be getting that tended.

After that I then stood with my back to him and my arms by my sides and closed my eyes. While I was standing there I could feel after a few seconds or so I started to sway a bit. He got me to open my eyes and put my right hand under my belly button and I closed my eyes again but had no swaying.

Next I turned around and he placed his hands on my hips and asked me to bend over as far as I could. After I did that he then got a book off the bookshelf and opened it up to about a 1/4 inch thick on one side and got me to stand on it with my right foot. That seemed to help what he was trying to figure out. I did a few more tests standing up and then I went to lay down on the bed.

If I am going to do yoga I want it to be some place like this :)
If I am going to do yoga I want it to be some place like this 🙂

He told me that the test I did standing up and swaying told him that there was something wrong with my fascia band. I was stabilized when I put my hand on my stomach but not when it wasn’t there. So, as I laid on the table he put his hands on my stomach and using mostly pressure in his palm felt around and moved things. It wasn’t the kind of pressure that hurt though.

Then he got me to take a deep breath in and fill my stomach full of air. I did it the once and then he said “Now this time do it without lifting your chest.” Ah, wasn’t I doing that? So, I focused on trying to do it but I struggled a bit. Then he had me put my hand on my stomach and try to do the same thing. I felt this “quiver” like feeling as I reached the top of my breath. He said that meant that I had some turmoil (depression, frustration, fear) inside and it wasn’t allowing me to get the deep breaths that I needed. Woah…that got deeper than I thought this appointment was going to be.

He moved his hand around a bit more in various areas on my stomach and then told me that my pelvic floor was tilted. Something I didn’t know and was that too much information? After a few more maneuvers moving my right leg in and out, turning my knee in and out he started to tell me some of the things that were going on with me. He did one other test of my vertebra and found out that my sacroiliac (SI) joint on my right side is much weaker than my left. That would explain the back issues that I am having the last two weeks.

The appointment was different from what I had expected. I thought I would walk in, be assessed and walk out knowing what was exactly wrong. I thought I would now work on making the area stronger, get orthodics or something along those lines and all would be good. But instead I left only knowing a few things and have some things to work on. I have told him that I would like to be able to start training in a month’s time for a marathon and he said he would work on getting me there.

For now though I know that my pelvic floor being tilted isn’t helping me with running but just straightening it out won’t fix me and I would be back to having the same issues maybe even after one run. My fascia band being tight and pulling from my left to my right across my body isn’t doing me any favors. My breathing being not deep enough isn’t helping either. So, I have been given two gait exercises that I am to do for one minute daily. They involve me moving my arms and torso in different ways and focusing on breathing deep in my stomach. I have been told to find two Bach Flower remedies that sound like or describe me and take them. They will help with the turmoil that is happening inside me and effecting my breathing. And the last thing that has been recommended to me is that I go to yoga or pilates. So, I will be searching a class to go to.

So, we discovered some things while I was there but we haven’t figured it all out. I have another appointment on January 28th to hopefully find out more.

Have you seen an osteopath before? What was your session like?





15 thoughts on “Going to the Osteopath

  1. Well, I have no experience with the rest, but I do highly recommend yoga as both crosstraining and as a way to breathe better and clear your mind. I’ll look forward to reading if any if the rest helps you.


    1. I have never done yoga before but I struggle to understand when they say “breath deep” “feel it in your toes” or the other things they say. I couldn’t get that ‘deep’ with it but maybe now if I am focusing better I will. Fingers crossed. I just need to find where to go and practice it where I am.
      Thanks for letting me know you think it would be good too.


  2. Wow, I’ve never visited an osteopath, but it sure sounds like an interesting experience. It’s gotta be worth working on these things, to see if they help! Let us know how you get on!


  3. I’ve been seeing an osteopath since December. She is amazing. She is a medical doctor as well as an osteopath which is quite exciting! It almost feels like she is doing voodoo. What she does with me is she is trying to teach my brain when my certain muscles are at rest and when they are engaged. It is the tiniest of movements but can I ever feel a difference. I just have to keep up with my at home exercises, which really doesn’t feel like exercises but will help me with my alignment. Good for you for trying something new!


    1. Happy to hear you are seeing results with your osteopath Krista. It is different than what I had expected. It is interesting though and willing to hear what he has to say and do as he says.
      I did my exercises this morning. Keep up with yours.


  4. Whoa! That is way different than I thought it would be too, but this guy sounds like he knows his stuff. I think I thought he was a medical doctor, but osteo”path” must mean something more holistic, like naturopath and homeopath.

    It sounds like you have an alignment issue, and yoga/pilates will be so good for that. And also probably for releasing the stress and frustrating you are carrying. I’m also going back to yoga, but mine will be for prenatal 🙂 it’s such good exercise, for both mind and body, so I’m glad that you will be trying it out.

    Woo! We’re one step closer to getting you back on the road. This is something to celebrate.


    1. Kim, I thought an osteopath was more just medical doctor like too. I guess though he brings more to it that he has studied over the years. I just didn’t know it would be part of my appointment.

      I am not sure where to go to yoga that would be a beginner class but at the same time show me what to do and what I am doing wrong. Prenatal yoga might be a good place for me to start. You would be working on your breathing right? 😉

      Hoping it doesn’t take too long to get back on the road but I will be patient. Thanks for commenting.

      Happy weekend.


  5. I just read this sat in my car waiting to see my osteo! I’ve been going for back issues on and off for over a year. I saw a few before I found the right one, the first few only seemed to provide a short term solution where my current osteo seems to work at a structural level and gives me months of pain free running. Sounds like you got some great details from your osteo, not sure I’ve ever had that much info but it’s got to help if you know whe to focus. Yoga is great too, just don’t push too hard or you could do yourself another injury! Nice post!


    1. Hi James,
      Looks like this post popped up just in the right time today. Hope your appointment went well. How did you get your injuries?

      Maybe I shared too much info but I don’t know what others have had experienced before since I have only known one person who went. And I didn’t have all the details from her appointment.

      I will go slow with yoga. Thanks for the tip.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. Happy running.


  6. You may just find out that your sore foot has been caused by your tight shoulder. That’s what I like about oseopathy: it looks for the “cause” not the symptom. Looking forward to hearing about the next appointment. Good luck Kayla.


    1. Thanks Kerry.

      I think if I understood the body better I might understand a bit better but as long as he knows what he is doing I will go with it. I hope it doesn’t take too long to figure things out but will work on being patient and finding out.

      Keep up your good work.


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