Wise words that clicked

Yesterday when I went to the osteopath he asked me “When was the last time you ran?” I told him “January 12th even though I had been told not to run.”

I then continued to justify myself and tell him why I ran. I said “I am a competitive person and I could not run since I was registered for the race. I also knew that I had run on my foot with it sore in the past so knew I could do it again.”Β He told me he could understand what I was feeling because he was that way as well. But he had learned from a past mistake and said why not look at it another way.

He said “Take your desire to compete in a race and use it to compete with yourself not to run.”

This clicked with me. It was something I had never thought of but I liked it. So, for the next month or so whenever the competitive runner devil comes out I will fight back. I have yet to figure out my defence exactly but I will stand my ground.

Just thought I would share his words with you because they have stayed with me today and I am sure they may ‘click’ with someone else.

What wise words have you been told in that past that you still listen to or follow?




20 thoughts on “Wise words that clicked

  1. I had a physiotherapist tell me “it was a privilege to run, not a right.” Made me deal with injuries a little bit better and not take my running for granted.


  2. One that works for me is trying to remember my long term goal. One very long term goal is to be running when I’m 90.

    This argument didn’t quite work for me when I had the Philly half last fall since I got injured 2.5 weeks before and that race was a29 year goal of mine that got me running to begin with. So I had to promise myself to pull out of the race if I was in pain. Because I wanted to be sure I would to run another day.


    1. Wow! A 20 year goal. That is a long time to have a goal but great. And did you end up doing the whole race or did you have to drop out?

      Thinking long term is good and that is what I am working on doing now. It just took me a bit to figure it out. πŸ™‚


      1. I finished the race. I was well below my goal time, but squeaked by my previous PR by 5 seconds. My foot weirdly didn’t bother me despite that I could not walk without limping the day before.


      2. Happy to hear you finished the race. My foot felt good when running as well but not after or the next day.
        Wish with injuries we could look down the road and see what was going to happen if we did one thing and not the other.
        Hope your Sunday is a good one.


    1. I smiled as I saw this comment. I like it too.

      As may know the Anne of Green Gables character was created by L.M. Montgomery who was from Prince Edward Island. I grew up 3 hours from there and used to watch the TV show and even visited where the author lived when I was younger. AGG was part of my childhood.



      1. AAAAARGH! I’m so jealous! AGG was a big part of my childhood too (of course πŸ˜‰ )
        When I flew to Toronto a few years ago, I had a stop over in Halifax. Didn’t leave the airport, but loved just being there!


      2. Well, before living in Victoria I was in Halifax. So funny we have been in the same places but just different times.
        It is a beautiful spot and one day maybe you will get to see more than just the airport. πŸ™‚ Maybe we both make the Bluenose Marathon our destination run the same year. πŸ™‚


  3. “Be wary of anyone who tells you not to run.” Seriously, if your auto overheated, you wouldn’t turn it off, let it cool down, then fire it up and think it’s fixed, would you? Keep running, just go light. Run until you feel things get uncomfortable. Work on your form and do the fixes your osteo tells you. Take your shoes off.


    1. Thanks for the comment and stopping by.
      You have now given me something more to think about. I feel so all over the place with what to do and what not to do. I know that I am the only one who can make that decision but I also know that I want to keep running forever. It is so hard to figure out the right thing.
      Have a great day.


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