Trail fun on the bike

Margot and I
Margot and I

Late last week Margot asked me if I wanted to go riding this past Sunday and I was game. She had mentioned that there were some beginner bike trails behind Thetis Lake that we could explore. It was perfect idea because they were beginner trails and Thetis is close to where we both live so we could ride from home.

We met at 10:30am at the Log House Pub (not inside) and I followed Margot. We had a steep hill to climb on Bellamy Road to get to the trail head and I had never been on that road. I have run in the same area with run club but we have never ran that hill. I don’t think I will tell Nick it is there because he may make us to do hill repeats of it.

Before we started our ride Margot gave me a few tips and we were ready to hit the trails. First up was a little rocky area. I saw Margot go over it and decided it wasn’t for me. Off my bike in the first minute to walk it down the rocky section. This happened a few times throughout the ride but until I get used to some of the smaller rocks and roots I will be cautious.

I followed Margot down the trail that was an old logging road. We went through some mud, puddles and up and over some rocks and roots. As we went along we saw a guy running the trails and it made me think that when I get back running I would be exploring the area the same way.

Our first time out we ended up doing a big “warm up loop” we will call it. We had gotten a little lost but to give credit to Margot she hadn’t been on the trails for a long time so it was understandable. I was just happy to be outside so I didn’t care. We went back and found the right way to go. It ended up that we were riding towards Stewart Mountain and I had run that way a few months ago with the run club peeps. It was different though riding it than running it.

Margot going through the river
Margot going through the river

Margot has some experience riding so I asked her a trick to get back on the bike when you fall off and are on a hill? I always struggle to get back on and then would end up running my bike up to the top of the hill. Kind of defeats the purpose of being on the bike so the next hill we came to Margot told me how to do it. After a couple of times of trying it I was successful.

A little farther down the trail we came to a really rocky section that was a hill. I was going along and then my foot came up-clipped. I decided to try what Margot had just taught me about getting back on the bike but I wasn’t having luck. Then I heard someone coming up behind me on the trail. I moved to the side to let the guy go by and not slow him down. After he went by I then called out and said “Tell my friend I am on my way.” As he turned the corner he said. “She is right here.” I didn’t realize that I was that close to the top of the hill because there was a bend in it.

The area was too rocky for me to get back on my bike so I just ran with it up the hill. As I got to the top of the hill the two were chatting about how I was new to biking. I asked him his name and he said Seamus McGrath. Margot knew who he was right away but I didn’t. (Now I do.) Seamus gave me a few tips about my bike and showed us a trail that we could ride not far from where we were. We gave it a go but it was a bit too tricky for me and I was off my bike more than I was on it.

Me going through the river.
Me going through the river.

We decided that we would head back towards the start of the trail. As we came back past the river Margot was bound and determined to get up the steep hill that had given her trouble before. I went first and made it up but almost didn’t. She then came behind and cruised up it. She then said “Why did that give me trouble before? I still have gas to keep going.” I laughed.

It was fun morning spent on our bikes. We went home with mud and smiles on our faces.

Do you have someone to show you new trails either for riding or running?


8 thoughts on “Trail fun on the bike

  1. Cool that you met a Canadian pro biker! That’s a neat feeling – I had a similar experience at the Victoria Art Gallery, where a lady asked me what I thought of the installation and after chatting a bit, she said she was the artist!

    Good for you for getting out there and doing something new while you can’t run 🙂 Soon I’ll be in the area and you can walk with me while I waddle around the block!


    1. That would have been cool. Sneaky how she did that 🙂
      We creeped your new place on our walk last night. We are super close and can’t wait.
      I can see play dates with your little one (s) in the park too. Here I come swings!


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