Spicing up the week

So far this week I have been changing things up a bit more workout wise.

I went to the pool on Monday but instead of just swimming lengths in the smaller and warmer pool; I went in the bigger and colder pool. I did some running on the spot since it is deeper and kept a flutter board out in front of me to help keep me afloat .

Then on my lunch break I went to the strength and cardio class at the gym. Kelly had various stations set up around the gym. We had to do things like push-ups, squats with front kicks, lunges, burpees, ab tucks, jumping jacks, and a few others. It was a good workout and I am a bit sore still today. I improvised where I needed to.

Some of the stations for Kelly's class
Some of the stations for Kelly’s class

Yesterday morning Samantha and I met at 6:15am to go do a stair workout. I hadn’t tried stairs since taking my break from running but I wanted to try. I didn’t run the stairs but walked quickly up and down them. I felt good for the most part but coming down the stairs bothered my foot a bit. I finished eight repeats of the stairs or you could say I walked 2704 stairs. The latter sounds better. After we were done Samantha headed to work and then I walked a half hour walk to get back home.

Then today I was going to do Kelly’s class again at lunch but when I arrived at the gym there was a yoga class about to start. Since I was told yoga would benefit me I headed into the class. I enjoyed it and will go again next week.

Sunrise on my way home from my stair workout. <3
Sunrise on my way home from my stair workout. ❤

How has your week been so far? Have you changed anything up from your normal?


7 thoughts on “Spicing up the week

  1. That sounds like a ton of fun! Great change of pace! This week for me thus far, ehh kinda plain because I hurt my shoulder and have been resting. BUT It has been a good week none the less!


  2. Way to mix it up! I’m still letting my body rest from the Dopey. Since then I’ve only gone on one 3 mile run and one weight sesh at the gym. I packed my running clothes today, but it is cooold and windy! May take it as a sign to rest a bit more.


    1. Did you end up running?
      Sometimes just going for a walk on cooler days is nice.
      Resting is probably a good plan after all those runs you did. I am enjoying reading about them.


      1. Thank you! We’ve had really nice weather this weekend, so I did go for a quick 5 miler yesterday, but then I promptly got sick, so I think my body wants me to rest just a tad longer!
        I do like walks too, we have two dogs and two toddlers, so I like to take them out in the fresh air!


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