Double Monday Fun

Today I was back to work after having three days off. I had a busy and eventful weekend. Was yours more more low-key or busy too. Either way I hope it was good.

This morning I headed to the pool. I hadn’t been since last week and I wanted to get back. I arrived a little after 6:00am and was in the pool by 6:10am. I went to the bigger pool again and grabbed a flutter board. I just started going back and forth, back and forth. I had counted 40 lengths of the pool before I left the big pool to go to the smaller one. I could have stayed in the bigger one but I wanted to work on my backstroke and not run into other people. I did another 20 lengths and then headed to the change room.

Since it is Monday that means I go to Kelly’s Cardio Strength class at lunch. My back is feeling better after Dean, the massage therapist worked his magic last Monday and I am happy for that. My heel after yesterday’s walk is feeling good but the top part of my foot is a bit sore. Seems like I can’t get a break. Either way I was going to the class and would just modify like I have done in the past.

The first thing Kelly had us do were 10 lunges, 10 jump squats and then a sprint to the end of the gym and back. When we came back to the start we had to do 10 lunges, 9 jump squats, a sprint to the end and then 1 burpee. We continued this way with the jump squats decreasing and the burpees increasing. I was happy today I could actually do a burpee because my back allowed it.

Next up we worked through a group of different exercises. We would do one exercise for 30 seconds and then take a 10 second break to get into position for the next exercise.  We continued this way until we made our way through everything Kelly had in mind for us to do and then she would remove one exercise.

Our group of exercises looked like this:

  • weighted squats and I had two 10lb dumbbells
  • sit-ups and they varied in different positions
  • jump lunges
  • sprint to the end of the gym and back
  • ab tucks
  • push-ups
  • bicep curls
  • chest press

I think that was everything. By the time I reached the last three arm exercises my arms were burning and I was struggling. I liked it though and Kelly’s class is just the push that I need right now. I need someone telling me what to do and motivating me to do it. I let her know today that I was glad she is teaching and I am happy for her class. I felt good going back to my office.


Once I got back to my office I tried something I had never had before. Haggis! My boss Tanya is from the UK and she made some for Robbie Burns day on Saturday. She brought some in to share with me and when I first opened the container she had it in I thought it looked like hamburger with some seasonings. It smelled good and I am trying to be open to trying new things and I liked it. Now, I won’t be making one at my house anytime soon and I won’t Google to find out what is in it but I tried it and glad about that.

Have you tried something new either food wise or workout wise lately?


21 thoughts on “Double Monday Fun

  1. eww..haggis is so unphotogenic 🙂 I’ve actually never tried it either. I have been doing a new ankle exercise, because sprained ankles annoy me.


    1. No, it isn’t all that pretty to look at but I didn’t know what it was going to look like. So, I figured I would share 🙂

      Sprained ankles are no fun. Good for you for doing the exercises.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. that’s why I love bootcamps, I just want someone else to tell me what to do and I’m all over it! as far as food goes, I’m a total foodie so I’m pretty good at trying anything once…there’s hardly any food out there that I don’t like…except durian…that stuff is evil. 🙂


    1. It is harder to just stop when someone is telling you what to do. Your bootcamps sound hard core.

      I like to think I am a foodie and will try anything but I sometimes have to talk myself into it. So, maybe I am not. ha

      Didn’t know what durian was but Googled it and am good to go. Sounds a bit strange.


      1. Oooh, I love diet Irn Bru. It’s my ultimate favourite! I try not to have it too often though!
        I read last week that there was a shop on PEI that stocked it, and he was raided recently as it contains ingredients that aren’t allowed to be sold in foodstuff in Canada! 😮 all his stock was seized!


      2. I will have to let her know you love it.

        Crazy that the store was raided. That must be some crazy stuff in it if we can’t have it in Canada. 🙂


      3. Tanya is from a place called Watford and her husband is from Liverpool.
        It is cool that I get to learn new things from her. She is who I went on my big hike with back in September.


      4. Oh, I see! I love Liverpool: I lived there for six months, the people are the BEST! Very like folks from Glasgow! 🙂
        I’m planning on running the inaugural Liverpool RnR half in May!


    1. Yeah, if I had Googled it beforehand I may not have eaten it. I still haven’t and think I will just leave it 😉

      Happy my back feels better too. Thanks.

      Have you ventured to the pool yet?


      1. No I haven’t. I’m still trying to talk myself into it. I’m very shy on top of feeling embarrassed at my weight. But I will keep trying, because I know you’re right, I should do what I love.


  3. I like the line in So I Married an Axe Murderer – most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare. When I went to Scotland, I did try everything – haggis, black pudding, natties, nips, etc. and loved it all! Are you sure you don’t want to know what’s in it??? 😉


    1. Yes, I don’t want to know what is in it…but if I change my mind I will let ya know. 😉

      I have heard of the black pudding but haven’t had it. Natties and nips I know but know them as potatoes and turnip. I grew up eating them as a kid and love em know.


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