Yoga & my second osteopath visit

Last night I had decided that I would go to yoga this morning at Royal Roads Recreation Centre. I knew there was a class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings but I had never attended when I went to the gym regularly.

To get to the gym I did a brisk walk instead of riding Huli because I had an osteopath appointment after work. By the time I arrived at the gym I had worked up a bit of a sweat. It was a milder morning than I thought it was going to be but it was a perfect morning to be outside.

I walked in the class a few minutes before 7:00am and there were three other people there. Jim did a talk about yoga and how he started practicing. Once we started the class and we used chairs for some of the poses. I had never done that before but I guess that could be because I haven’t done a lot of yoga.  We also used bands to assist in some of our poses which again was new to me. When I wasn’t doing a pose right he would come and help correct me. I was happy for that.

I enjoyed the class and plan on going back on Thursday morning if all goes well.

Tonight after work my friend Kate drove me to my second osteopath appointment. I had been feeling a bit stressed over my breathing exercises I was given the week before. I know that probably sounds strange but I don’t find breathing through my nose, filling my diaphragm and then breathing out simple. I find it makes me feel short of breath when I try to do that. So, asking me to do just that and practice it was stressing.  I did it the best that I could though and it seems that my exercises have made a difference today.

After we had a little chat about things he got me to sit up on the bed and hug myself. I then was asked to turn to the right and then the left. I guess I didn’t turn very far to the left because he asked me to hug myself again and this time he assisted me in turning further. It was interesting how when he asked me to inhale and exhale I seemed to turn more or deeper.

Next up he had me lay down on the bed and he started to move his hands around in my belly area. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but I don’t understand everything everyone does. He then told me after that he was moving the fascia and making it go in the direction that it wants to go instead of ‘forcing’ it to go the way it should. That way the fascia would start to realize that it should be going another way. I’m not sure how it knows that but the body is a strange and wonderful thing.

My buddha belly ;)
My Buddha Belly 😉

I did some more breathing on my own while he did some things with my neck. He then talked to me about my breathing and said that it had changed from the start to midway through. I started to fill my diaphragm and get a ‘Buddha Belly’ as they call it. I  had felt the difference as I was breathing. It didn’t feel as forced and felt easier. I was happy for that.

I sat up on the bed and I let him know that I had walked on Sunday and didn’t run. He looked at me like I wasn’t supposed to do that. I then said to him “You didn’t say that I couldn’t walk so I did.” I  then said “I am the type of person who you have to tell everything that I can and can’t do.” He laughed a bit and said I was right. We talked about my foot and I asked why a particular spot in my heel was hurting. He did some feeling around and said in simple terms that I have a ‘pea’ that isn’t supposed to be there. He started doing some work on it just by pushing on it. That wasn’t comfortable but I want the ‘pea’ gone. He said that what he was doing would help it break down.

Before I left tonight Cameron told me that next Tuesday we will do some more work with the fascia on my legs and feet. I will have to ice both feet next week and then do an Epsom salts bath and just relax that night. The next day I will have to do a brisk walk and then the best news…I will be able to go for run a 2k run two or three days after. So, next week I get to run! WHOOP!

I told Cameron that was the best news I had heard in a month. I then said that I know I would have to go slow and take it easy. So, it was another interesting appointment.

When you breath do you make a Buddha Belly?



7 thoughts on “Yoga & my second osteopath visit

      1. I’d like to: my Spanish lesson clash with the local class, though. Oh well!
        I sometimes do a yoga DVD, but it isn’t quite the same!


      2. Yes, I thought about getting a DVD but I wondered if I would use it. I need someone to tell me what to do I think and the DVD can be turned off. I would feel bad to leave the class.


    1. I hope at some point I can bring my breathing techniques into my running. Right now swinging my arms to do my gait exercises and breathing at the same time are hard for me. haha


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