You pushed me out the door

Yesterday morning I wrote a post about my week and I ended it off saying that I was going to go do stair repeats before work.  After I posted it though I didn’t want to go. I was feeling tired because I hadn’t slept well and was just unmotivated. I had thought about going back into the post and editing it to remove the line but then Cynthia from Ups and Downs commented. No going back now; I had to go.

I headed upstairs to pack my bag for work, got out of my warm jammies and into my workout gear. I was doing it. I grabbed my iPod and started my music even before I left the house. I needed the extra boogie in my step yesterday morning. As I walked out the front door and headed towards work I started to feel better within five minutes. The fresh air, the calmness of the morning and my beats were just what I needed.

My walk is about a half hour from home so not too bad to get to work. I reached the campus and made my way down the hill towards the set of stairs that are by the Learning and Innovation Centre (LIC). I set my backpack down at the bottom of the stairs and away I went. I counted 75 stairs going up so 150 in total. I started walking them one by one, then I started to go by two’s. I then tried to jog a couple sets and it didn’t feel bad on my foot so I went for it. They weren’t my fastest set of stairs running but they had my heart rate up a bit.

The top of the stairs
The top of the stairs

It was 7:08am when I started and I gave myself until 7:30am or until I had completed 20 sets of stairs. It happened to be that I finished both challenges at the same time. My office is just a short walk from the bottom of the stairs so there really wasn’t any reason for me not to go yesterday since I had to get to work anyway. I was happy that I had gone. I felt good and was in a better mood than when I first woke up. I also didn’t feel as tired and felt refreshed.

My office is in the building to the right.
My office is in the building to the right.


So, thank you readers and thank you Cynthia for the extra push out the door yesterday.

Do you ever get motivated by your posts?

12 thoughts on “You pushed me out the door

  1. Wow, so cool I “pushed” you to do the stairs 🙂 It’s good to hear you felt good to have done it. I felt similar this morning but so happy to have done my workout too. I’m slowly learning that I never regret working out.


    1. Yes, you pushed me out the door. Thank you.

      Happy to hear you are realizing you don’t regret your workouts once you do them. I have learned that but sometimes days are harder than others.

      Have a great Sunday!


      1. There is a hotel that has six stories here and I asked if I could run their stairs, but they seemed reluctant because of liability issues. Oh, our rec centre has two flights of stairs. That would work. Thanks for getting me thinking about this more. I’m gonna do it!


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