Super Bowl 48, workout and eating

Super Bowl Workout
Super Bowl Workout

So, yesterday was Super Bowl 48 and it was the first one that Warren and I have ever watched at Chateau Beattie. Last year I got invited to our neighbors place to watch the game and I sort of watched it but it was more a social time. I know though that is really what Super Bowl is about along with the food.

Above is a Super Bowl workout that TartanJogger posted on her blog yesterday. I had seen a different one earlier in the morning but liked the looks of this workout better. Most people like to sit and enjoy drinks and food, which I did but I thought it would be a fun way to entertain myself while watching the game. I also had hoped I could learn some terminology of the game.

I had downloaded the workout to my phone and had it up on my screen ready as soon as the game started. Less than 15 seconds into the game there was a “safety”. No idea what that is but it meant I had 20 push-ups. Warren started doing the exercises with me but soon gave up after three or four.

So, what did I end up doing for the game?

  • Touchdown: 6 x 25 jumping jacks= 150
  • Field goal: 6 x 20 reverse crunches = 120
  • Beer commercial:  2 x 10 push-ups= 20
  • First down: 25 x 20 bicycle crunches=500
  • 4th-down conversion: 7 x 30-second faux jump rope= 7
  • Extra point: 1 x 10 up and down plank because I didn’t know what bridges were=1 or 10
  • Personal foul: 4 x 10 walking lunges= 40
  • Timeout: 5 x 25 squats = 125
  • Interception: 5 x 10 burpees= 50
  • Fumble: 4 x 10 dips on the sofa= 40
  • 2-point conversion: 1 x The Macarena (yes, I know how to do this dance)
  • Kick returned for touchdown: 1 x 45- second wall sit
  • Safety= 1 x 20 push-ups= 20
25 squats for a timeout
25 squats for a timeout

I am pretty sure I missed some of the exercises that I should have done because if they didn’t say the exact name of the play I didn’t do it or know to do it. I am sure there were probably more fumbles and interceptions that I missed but I was probably doing my first down bicycle crunches and missed them.

I had fun and enjoyed the game, food, wine and doing something different from what we normally do.

Did you do a workout like this while watching the game? Were you happy with who won?

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl 48, workout and eating

    1. I think this workout could be used for anything. Wonder what else we could incorporate it with. Think we would look funny doing this at work if every time an email came in we did 20 crunches? Or if the phone rang we did burpees? haha

      How are you doing?


      1. Yes, get all sweaty at work! Ha!
        I’m ok, swelling has gone down and so it feels looser, but still don’t have full range of motion. May have to go get it checked out, but I’m a bit stubborn and hoping it heals on it’s own.


      2. Do you need me to talk in a Mom voice? 😉
        You know you. Fingers crossed.

        I think we would get some funny looks if we did the workout at work but it could be fun and a good stress reliever.


  1. Wow! Well done you! I started it….. but since kick off was after 11pm, I didn’t last very long! I’ll definitely be using this workout for other games, though!


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