Good visit to the osteopath

Today I had my third appointment with my osteopath and it was an exciting day.

When I first arrived we talked about how I have been feeling and I mentioned that my foot was a little more sore today compared to other days. We talked about my appointment for massage and what Dean had done last week. We then talked about what Cameron would be doing today.

He did myofascial release work to my right leg and foot. For the most part this didn’t feel too bad until he got to a spot on my quad not far from my knee towards the outside. I would like to say it was probably my IT band but not certain. As he rubbed over that area I took in a deep breath and my body wanted to move but I did my best to stay where I was. I had my appointment at 10:00am this morning and the area is a bit sore to touch this evening.

He continued to move up and down my leg and would tell me to do different movements with my foot and leg. Sometimes I would curve my just my foot to the right and then the left as he moved his hand up my calf. When he was working on my quad area he would have me turn my leg over from leg to right. When he was working on my foot he had me move my foot slowly up and down like I was pushing the gas pedal. As my foot went down he could feel my foot struggle to go down smoothly. He said to me that there was a build up and the muscle was tight. I am sure he used differently terminology but basically that was the jest. He then said that once the fascia released and loosened then I wouldn’t have pain. I then asked  him “Will that be today?” He laughed and said no. I was just being silly but hoping for the best.

I then let him know that there was a 12k race in Cedar on Sunday that is part of the Island Series. I asked if I could walk it and he said “I would like to get you running.” I was happy to hear that and he told me to do a small run on a trail on Friday and see how I felt. I told him he had to give me a specific distance I could run because I need those kind of details. He told me 5km and I was so excited. I am going to give it a go and if I feel good I was told that I can run my 12k race on Sunday. So, if you could spare a minute please send me good thoughts for Friday.

This says it all.
This says it all.

I have already told myself that if I feel good after Friday that I won’t try to run the race on Sunday like I did last year. I don’t have anything to prove and I will just be happy to be out running. I will take it one step at a time because I want to move forward and not back.

On Monday this week I was supposed to start my marathon training for the Blue Nose Marathon in May but I am thinking I will have to reconsider this run. I want to be able to train properly and feel my best for it so to those of you in Nova Scotia reading this I don’t think I will be back in May. I will be back for a visit soon though I promise.

So, did you have any good news today? Anything exciting happen for you? How was your run today?


15 thoughts on “Good visit to the osteopath

  1. Hey Kyla,

    So glad to hear you are making progress! Yay!!! And of course I am devastated you aren’t coming down but know you need to do whatever you need to do to get back on track. Pushing too hard now will just lead to more complications down the road. Keep smiling, and good luck on Friday!!



    1. Hi Jess,

      Thank you. I am happy too.

      Something could change but I can’t say for certain. I will come for a visit but it just won’t be May if I don’t run. I found out May is a busy time at work so not a good time to go.

      I will see you soon I promise. Hugs.


    1. Thank you lady! I caught it!

      I have been away from my blog and posts so I have some catching up to do. Your posts and others are in my inbox though waiting to be read.


    1. Thanks meee tooo!

      I find I feel good for the most part but there is the ‘pea’ like spot in my foot that still bothers me just from day to day. I am also finding I notice my foot is sore after doing yoga. Guess I am trying to hard to stay up right. 😉

      Hope you are doing well.


  2. Oh, it’s great to hear that things are getting better – especially that you can run again. I think aiming for a later marathon is a very sensible idea, to give yourself time to recover properly. I’m crossing everything for you for Friday as well! Brilliant news!


    1. Thank you.

      I think by aiming for a later marathon since never having run one before is a good idea. I want to move ahead and not back. Happy you think so too.

      Thanks for all the crossing too. So appreciated.


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