Revisiting my 2014 Goals

So, back on January 2 I posted my goals for 2014 and I was excited about the year ahead. I felt like I had made obtainable goals but ones that would also challenge me. I have to say I feel January was a challenging month but in different ways.

Most of you know I had to stop from running so I could figure out what was causing the pain in my foot so I could run pain free. That is still a work in progress but I seem to be on the mend and I get to run my first 5k today after a month of not running.

In a conversation with Warren the other day about my goals I mentioned that I feel like I have failed already because I haven’t been able to do what I said I would do or at least attempt to do. So, I have decided that I need to alter my goals a bit and choose some different things to work towards.

My original goals are below along with my new goals.


  • Original: Take even a second off each of my 2013 Island Series race times. There are eight races in the series and it starts on January 12th with an 8k run.
  • New:  Finish all of the 2014 Island series runs whether it is running or walking them.
  • Original: Run the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon on May 18th in Halifax, NS. It will be my first marathon and I would like to finish in 3:31 but would be happy if I completed the race in under 4 hours.
  • New: Run a marathon in the fall and maybe even make it a destination marathon. Location to be determined. Finishing time I will still keep the same as original.
  • Track my monthly running totals to see how far I actually do run in a month
  • Run Around the World with fellow bloggers in March and April and see what kind of record we can set for the most distance bloggers run in two months
  • Original: Quick feet
  • New: Feet just moving

Personal Development:

  • Original: Complete the process of becoming a personal trainer over the next year
  • New: Make to start this process after February when things slow down a bit.
  • Try something new and be open to new things. Not sure what those things are but I will keep open mind and be ready for anything. Update: This I have been doing. I am trying new foods and started doing yoga. I even started doing the social media for a festival happening in Victoria later this month.
  • Do something that challenges me at work. Update: I am doing this. My co-worker goes on mat leave today and I am filling in for her position as well as my own for the next year. I am busy and learning new things but I will still look for more to challenge me as I get into a routine.


  • Original: Try and post once a day
  • New: Post at least 3-5 posts a week when time allows
  • Have my own domain name and a new site that reflects who I am. Update: I have bought a new domain name but finding the time to get my new site to reflect me has been a struggle.
  • Keep up to date with what my fellow bloggers are doing and comment more. Update: I have been doing this but sometimes I am a day late with replying and reading posts.


  • Original: Ask Patti to set me up with a new workout routine at the gym in January
  • New: Patti doesn’t give personal trainer workouts at the gym so I need to find someone else or just start doing my own workouts again.
  • Original: Get myself back at the gym and lifting weights 2-3 times a week
  • New: Continue going to yoga and the bootcamp like classes at lunch. And work on getting weights back into my weekly routine.
  • Eat less sweets. Limit myself to one a month and make it count. Update: I haven’t been able to follow this so far but will work on getting back on track.
  • Continue to support and encourage others who want to make the change to a healthy lifestyle. I will be support for anyone if they just ask. Update: I have had a friend ask me to help her and she is in Nova Scotia so we are keeping in touch through Facebook. I am also getting some of my co-workers at RRU out doing stair repeats after work. Just this past Wednesday I recruited one more for next week.
  • Injury free and healthy. Update: This hasn’t been the case so far but will continue to work on doing what I need to do to get that way.

Marriage (last but not least):

  • Continue to grow and explore new places with my best friend
  • Keep our lines of communication open
  • Have fun and laugh lots. Update: I haven’t been laughing a lot this past month but hoping for a better 11 months ahead.
  • Help motivate and encourage. Update: Warren has been amazing supporting me and just being there for me. He has altered his workouts to do ones that we could do together and I have appreciated that. He is my superstar.
  • Go on more road trips. Update: We are planning one for April and the location is still to be determined.

Going through my goals and writing out the changes makes me feel better. I feel reset and ready to work at achieving these goals. Some are just a little later than planned or have some small alterations but obtainable. It makes me see that I am doing some things but not everything the way that I thought. What bothered me the most was that my plan wasn’t going to plan.

How have your goals been so far for 2014? Have you been able to check some things off? Have you taken a look back at what you set out?


14 thoughts on “Revisiting my 2014 Goals

  1. Do the Valley Harvest in the fall!!!! I’m still deciding between that and PEI for my 1/2! The good thing is that you are re-evaluating your goals not giving up on them!
    I find I’m always behind on following blogs too – it’s hard to keep up! My plan is to review my goals at the end of each month and readjust them as I need to. It’s a long year and I want to enjoy my days and work towards these goals not fail at them. I feel like I am on the right track with my goals 🙂


    1. Happy to hear that you feel on track and that you look back.

      I was thinking of the Valley Harvest this morning after I wrote my post. What is the PEI run? That could be fun. It has been years since I have been there.

      As for the blogs we need more time in the day so we can read them along with writing our own and commenting.

      Have a great weekend 🙂


  2. Your updates are great- I think it’s really important to focus on being realistic and flexible as well as challenged. You’re on the way back, so don’t forget to celebrate that too!


    1. Right. I do need to celebrate that but I didn’t think about it like that. Thank you.

      Before writing my updates though I was thought I was failing when looking back. Now I feel better.

      Happy weekend.


  3. Sounds like you have some great goals/revisions. There’s lots of marathons in North Texas if you want a destination! Best of luck in all your endeavors!
    I accomplished my big goal at the beginning of 2014, but now it’s time to hit the reset button and move forward!


    1. Yes, you did have a big goal last month and it makes me want to do it now. One day I hope.

      I will have to check out North Texas. We have never been there before. Something to consider and if we go your way I will let you know.

      Good luck with your reset.


  4. Love that you have taken the time to revise your goals. It’s a smart way to deal with your injury, while allowing you to still move forward with a plan. My favorite of your running goals is “Original: Quick Feet, New: Feet Just Moving.” After my running layoff last year, I realized I would rather be able to run at ANY speed rather than not at all. I hope your 5K went well!


  5. Woah! I want to do a destination marathon! Are you thinking out of country? I appreciate that you’ve divided your goals into categories and published more than one. I don’t have the guts to do that 😉


    1. Hey!

      Yes, I am thinking out of country. Not sure where but I love to run in new places and love to travel. So, why not combine the two loves? 🙂

      I had seen another blogger who divided their goals and I liked it so thought I would to. Maybe that could be a goal to work towards for 2015. 😉


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