My 5k run

Brr...for Victoria.
Brr…for Victoria.

Yesterday was a big day for me because I was allowed to try running 5k to see how my foot and body felt. After I found out I could run I told some of my friends how excited I was. They told me that only I would be that excited to run where most people wouldn’t be. I think if you aren’t a runner that could be true. I would tell them to picture the thing that they loved to do the most removed from their day-to-day and then they would get why I was so excited to run.

Before my run I had some hot water and lemon, checked my emails and got my things ready for the day. I then headed upstairs to get my running gear on. I checked the weather app on my phone and it showed feels like minus 5. My thought to myself that was it was better than the minus 11 it felt like the day before. I dressed in long pants and two layers of long-sleeved shirts for my top layers. I was going out and it didn’t matter what the temperature said.

I then came downstairs and said to Warren “Guess what?” and he replied with “What?” while still looking at his computer. I did a little dance and said “I get to run today!” and I was full of smiles.

I headed to the front door, grabbed my iPod, watch, gloves and hat. Put my sneakers on and headed out the door. To my surprise there was a very light dusting of snow on the ground. I laughed a little because of all the nice days we have had and my first run was going to be with a little snow. It didn’t matter though because I was going. I remember saying in past posts that I would never complain about a day to run after not being able to.

Whew...check out those calories burned. HA! Watch not working right.
Whew…check out those calories burned. HA! Watch not working right.

As I started down the road I was happy and tried to pay attention to what I was feeling and how my body was moving. I could feel a bit of soreness in my heel but it didn’t feel too bad. Β As I ran along though the rest of my body felt good. By the time I reached the 3k mark the outside of my heel started to hurt where the inside was hurting at the beginning. It wasn’t pain though that hurt enough and I thought I was doing harm. It was more like a mild discomfort and I could run through it.

As I arrived home I felt good but I could tell I hadn’t run in a month. My legs felt a bit heavy and when I stopped to walk at the end of my driveway I wasn’t limping for the walk to the door. This was a good sign to me because after I would finish a run before I would limp because I couldn’t put pressure on my foot.

So, I am going to run on Sunday for the Cedar 12k and my goal is just finish. I won’t have a set time in mind and I won’t be in my race mode. I look forward to seeing my fellow runners and just being outside with them.

Will you be running Sunday?



14 thoughts on “My 5k run

  1. Fantastic! Glad it went well πŸ™‚ best of luck for tomorrow, I’m looking forward to hearing about it!
    Tomorrow is cross training for me, I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do.


  2. Congrats and savour your Sunday run!
    I will be doing an 18km classic cross country ski Loppet in the wonderful Northern Ontario community of Temiskaming Shores.
    So I will continue to send good energy your way


      1. I enjoy walks with friends. I went on one today with one. It was rainy and a bit cool but nice to have company.

        Even with the minus temps I find if you bundle up all is not so bad.


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