Cedar 12k recap

This morning we woke a little later than normal in the Beattie household and it was 6:00am when we got out of bed. This isn’t typical but it was nice to get some extra sleep. We came downstairs and started our race morning routine. Warren started the coffee brewing and I started making us oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal is our first breakfast and then just before we leave the house we each have a piece of toast with peanut butter.

Yesterday when we were out and about Warren bought me a new Garmin Forerunner 620 for today’s Cedar 12k race. I thought I had it ready except I couldn’t get the time of day changed. I asked Warren about it and he ended up spending a good hour getting it ready for me. I was very appreciative of that and enjoyed running with my new watch. It would vibrate on my arm and let me know at every kilometer what my average pace was. Today that feature wasn’t a big deal to me because I was just out to run but as I get into training and race mode down the road it will be beneficial.

We left the house around 8:50am to head to Cedar for the race and we arrived an hour ahead of race time. We thought the drive was going to take us longer but we will have to remember for next year we don’t need to leave so early. The air was crisp and it was sitting around minus 4. I think since I have been running in this series for the last three years that was the coldest it has been. I had decided before I left the house that I would wear my arm bands with a t-shirt and my race capris. I even wore some little gloves which I never do.

Not long after we arrived more of our friends started to arrive. We spent some time catching up with them and everyone was asking me if I was going to be running today. I let them all know I was given the go ahead to but I wasn’t going to be racing it and I would listen to my body.

I knew I needed to get warmed up but I wasn’t eager to get outside. I was told by my osteopath to do my gait exercises beforehand and I also warmed up my legs some and did some stretching. It was ten minutes before the race and Warren and I headed outside to do a warm up run. As we got to the started to run I looked and Warren and said “Oh my fudge!” It was so cold feeling. We headed to the start line and even though I wasn’t racing today I still made my way to the front of the line. I knew I would be passed but I wanted to be part of the rush that happens as everyone takes off.

This race is a hilly one but feel I do well on hills. It is after I reach the top of a hill that I struggle to get my speed back. It is also and out and back run so the hills that you go down you later go up. I ran along and didn’t worry about my pace. I didn’t recognize any of the runners around me but could see some that I knew running ahead of me. I didn’t feel fast but I felt good.

Before I left home this morning I checked last year’s race time and I had run this race in 52:33. I checked my time somewhere between the six and seven kilometer mark I had been running about 30 minutes. I was playing cat and mouse with another runner for a couple of kilometers and then we reached the second last hill of the run and I dropped her.  I was feeling good for the last four kilometers and I felt like I picked up my pace a bit. Just before the last kilometer marker my playlist ended and that was disappointing because I didn’t want to hear myself breathing.

The last part of this run is on trail and grass. Today the ground was frozen and had a light dusting of snow on it. That made things fun for running. I crossed the line at 55:38. I was so happy I finished and didn’t have to walk. After the run I headed inside to get some food, find Warren and get a massage on my legs.

Then it was awards time. I didn’t have any expectations but when it was my age category I listened. When the tenth place-name was called and it wasn’t mine I knew I didn’t get a ribbon. Then my name was called. I had placed seventh in my age group. I looked at Warren and said “Oh my gosh!” I had a huge smile on my face and couldn’t believe it and I was so excited. Warren’s age group then came up and he placed fifth. He rocked his run and felt great. I’m very proud of him.

Ribbons, my new watch                                         Our ribbons, my new watch and the prize I won
Ribbons, my new watch Our ribbons, my new watch and the prize I won

At the races they give away door prizes and I won one today. I won a free entry to the Fletcher’s Challenge which is a trail race that takes place on April 18th. I may have to give it away to someone because Warren and I are planning to be away that weekend. I am going to wait though until our plans are confirmed before I offer it to someone.

So overall my foot felt good for my run but about an hour after the run finished I started feeling some discomfort. I had an epsom salt bath and I am resting now and I will see how I feel tomorrow. I was just so happy to be running today.

Have you ever ran a race before and placed when you didn’t expect to? What was the best door prize you have ever won?




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