Friends motivating each other

Yesterday morning Samantha text me and asked me if I wanted to do stairs after work today. I had planned to do yoga in the morning so a stair workout would be perfect.

After texting with Samantha I met up with Tanya for a hike of Thetis Lake and Francis King Park. While we were out I mentioned to her that Samantha and I were headed to do the stairs. She said that she would go and I was happy about that. Then I found out Samantha had recruited Robynne to come along with us. Perfect! It was the most I have had get together to do the stairs.

Samantha and Robynne arrived a few minutes before us. By the time Tanya and I got there they had done one set to the top. I had asked Tanya on the way up how many sets she wanted to do and she said ten. I placed my rocks and away we went.

We chatted to the girls when we got to the top and I snapped this picture and away we went again. I was so excited that we were all out. I get a lot of enjoyment of having people together to workout.

Back: Robynne and Samantha Front: myself and Tanya
Back: Robynne and Samantha Front: myself and Tanya

Robynne and Samantha had to leave before Tanya and I did because they had kids to get home to. Tanya and I kept going until all the rocks were gone from the log. Our legs were shaking by the end.

What I loved about tonight was that we all motivated and encouraged each other. It wasn’t about how many stairs you did or didn’t do. Sure, I pushed people outside their comfort zone a bit. I said they had to go all the way to the top without stopping. We pushed another to go to a rock along the stairs instead of where they “planned” to stop. I did try to play the Drill Sergeant a bit but that isn’t really who I am. I want to see people push themselves but also enjoy what they are doing even though it is exercise and it’s hard.

To me it was about being out with friends, having support and motivation. It was about doing what you thought you might be able to do and then being pushed a little bit more.

Doing what we did tonight is how I see myself being a personal trainer. I don’t want to be that person in a gym giving someone a workout to do at various machines. I want to be the person who takes them outside and shows them that the great outdoors can be their playground. I want to show them places they don’t think they can go. I want to show them that even though it is tough they can do anything they set their minds to. Routine is great but so is variety when it comes to exercise.

I am proud of all the ladies and look forward to more stair repeats with them. We rocked tonight and they should be proud.

Do you help motivate and encourage someone? Or do you have someone who can help motivate you?


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