Back at run club

Last night I went back to run club for the first time in almost two months. When I got home from work I was excited about going. It was a nice evening and it wasn’t cold which made me want to go even more. Warren decided that he needed a rest day so he didn’t go with me. That wasn’t going to stop me though.

I walked to the Frontrunners store and about half way there I realized that I didn’t have my headlamp. It was day light at the time but it would soon be dark. It had been so long since I had run in the evening that I forgot that it was one things I needed.  I figured though I would be Ok since I would be running with the group. I arrived at the store and started catching up with the people there. Some of the runners I have seen at some of the Island Series races but not everyone.

Earlier in the day I had a feeling that we would be doing a workout that involved hills because we have the Hatley 8k race coming up on February 23. The race takes place at Royal Roads University and the campus is situated on a hill so the trails and such around the campus are just as hilly. It is a good run and you are definitely tired out by the time you are done. I will be taking part and feel a bit worried but am going to run my run regardless.

Nick told us our workout and it was six times around Jeanie Drive loop which is a 750 meter run around a subdivision. After that loop we then had to do a 30 second sprint up Langvista Drive. I got tired just thinking about it because it had been so long since I had run up a hill. I also thought of a chat I had with Cindy who lives near there and her running the hill sometimes.

Before I left the house I grabbed my iPod because I knew that I would be running solo. I wasn’t out to push myself too hard but I just to run and get my legs under me again. I tried to give it a little but more going up the hill for the sprint but I felt like I was barely moving. I know with time I will get back to where I was if not better.

Last night was a good night and I was happy to be back with the group. It was about getting my legs moving, being with my fellow run club peeps and getting some fresh air. As I ran along I looked up at the sky and the moon was lighting up the sky and it was just beautiful. At that moment I was happy I had left my headlamp at home.

Do you run with a club? If so do you enjoy your first run back with the group and catching up? What is your favorite part of running with a group?

Oh! And yesterday I went to yoga at lunch and our instructor Amanda left this little card in front of our mats so when we sat up from our Savasana we saw it. I found mine suited me right now and Amanda and Emilie found theirs did too.

My little card that spoke to me
My little card that spoke to me

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