Valentine’s Day workout & fun

Friday was my flex day from work and I had made plans with Cindy to go a boot camp at Strength In 2 Fitness that she goes to regularly. I thought it would be nice to try a new place and since she and I were going to hang out it was perfect. The class was an hour and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was ready to give it my best. There were six of us working out and two of the ladies had little ones with them.

Our workout.
Our workout

First up we did a warm up run of 800 meters outside. It was a sunny day so it was nice to get some fresh air. We then came back inside and Stacy told us our workout. We split up into groups of three to do the exercises. After we completed the first three exercises three times we had to run another 400 meters, come back to the gym and do then do the same for the last three exercises.  I found the turkish get-ups and chin-ups the hardest out of all the exercises. My upper back is feeling the pain and soreness from the workout but it is a good pain. I enjoyed the class and happy for the workout and time with Cindy doing something we both love.

After lunch I had a massage but don’t go thinking of it like ones of those relaxing ones you get at a spa. I know when I go to see Dean that it is going to be a bit uncomfortable because he is working on making me better but I didn’t expect what I felt.

We chatted at first about how I have been doing over the last two weeks and I mentioned that my body felt good but my heel bothered me after running and after doing some yoga poses. We talked about my footwear and I let him know that I am wearing Crocs in the house. He said not to wear them anymore because my foot needs to feel the floor to send a message to my brain that it is OK basically. He also told me that my foot slides in the Crocs and that isn’t helping me because I am unstable. So, off go the Crocs.

I am learning so much about my body over the last few months after all of these treatments I have been having. I found out that the reason that my heel hurts when I do some yoga poses is because the fascia is being pulled tight on my left side. When I was almost four years old I got burned with hot water and the skin on my left arm and side pulls tight in some of the holds which then affects my right heel. Crazy eh? My burn scars have never stopped me from doing anything and they still won’t.

The first area Dean worked on was my foot and initially it wasn’t too bad. Then he really started rubbing and working on the arch and tendon area. He tried to distract me with things and I tried to talk through the pain but it got to be too much and I started to cry a little. I couldn’t help it but the pain was just too much. I knew though what he was doing would benefit me and pain is gain.

Dean then had me turn over and lay on my back and he worked on my left side. He lifted my arm above my head and then he grabbed the skin on my left side and started to pull it towards him with his fingers. It didn’t hurt or maybe it did but I was still recovering from the pain in my foot. After I got dressed we compared my arms and I could move and straighten my left arm above my head better now than I could before. Now, it was never really crocked or anything but I could tell a difference. What he was doing I could have Warren do at home to help me as well.

After my appointment I then headed downtown. I was to meet Warren at 4:00pm for a surprise evening he planned for us for Valentine’s Day. We don’t typically do much for Valentine’s Day but Warren said this year he wanted to do something nice. He booked us an overnight stay at the Hotel Rialto with a romance package. It included a bottle of wine, flowers and a cheese plate. We enjoyed the wine and cheese before we headed downstairs to Veneto for dinner. It was a nice way to spend the evening and I am a lucky lady to be so spoiled.

Saturday morning we got up and did an easy ran to Dallas Road to see the sunrise. It was a nice start of the day but I could feel how tired my legs were from the boot camp on Friday.

How was your Valentine’s day and your weekend so far?


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