Signing up for Around the World Running Blog Relay 2014

Runners blog relay 2014
Runners blog relay 2014

So, back in December I came up with the idea to have an Around the World Running Blog Relay and mentioned that I would have it start in March. Well, March 1st is in nine days. So, now what?

Well, I would like to track what city everyone is running in. I wasn’t sure how to do that so I sought help from fellow blogger TartanJogger earlier this week. She mentioned that Monica from Run Eat RepeatΒ created a WuFoo and now that is what I have done.

So, if you are planning to take part in the Around the World Running Blog starting March 1st and ending April 30, 2014 please fill out this form. It won’t take you long and it will help me track where everyone is running and I can later create a map and link blogs in a later post.

Wonder why I want to do I want to do this:

  • I think it will be fun and a way for us all to connect through blogging and running adventures.
  • I hope it will help motivate you to run on those days that you may not want to.
  • I would like to see how many bloggers we can get to take part and how far around the world we can run together. Maybe we can run around it a couple of times? That could be a little over eager but I like to dream big.

So, if you could fill out the form I can start to get the information collected for our first day of this relay. Be prepared to start tracking your weekly kilometers on March 1st.

Oh and The Improbable Runner suggested using the app called Charity Miles to raise money for a charity while doing this. If you would like to do that please feel free to do so. And if you do you can let me know each week what charity you have raised money for and how much you raised.

So, will you be joining the Around the World Running Blog Relay of 2014? #ATWRBR2014

56 thoughts on “Signing up for Around the World Running Blog Relay 2014

  1. I’m definitely in! I can’t wait to find out who is in, where everyone is from and how many Ks we’ll clock up! I’ll definitely download the app, too πŸ™‚


  2. Wow, this sounds fun! I’m not quite ready to get in on something like this, but I will really enjoy reading about every one around the world running. I like the idea of running for a charity. I hope I will be ready the next time there’s a relay- I will keep working towards that so I can join the fun.


    1. Cynthia if you wanted to take part and log walking kilometres you could do that. You can think about it and full out a form closer too. πŸ™‚

      It should be fun. I hope we get lots of people.

      Have a great day and keep up your good work.


  3. I definitely want to participate! I’m in Southern California at the moment, but in a couple weeks I’ll be traveling (past the end of April)… should I just fill out a new form each time I run in a new city?


    1. Great! Happy you want to take part.

      Ah? Let’s just put that you are from Southern Cal because I will be emailing each week to get your distance ran but the map will show you in the same place with your blog.

      Thanks for taking part.


  4. I signed up. I’m going to be doing at least two big races outside of my home state (a marathon and a half marathon), so I put them in my form, but if you can only choose one, just use the first, which is my hometown and where the training is all happening.


    1. Perfect Eunice.

      Helping others to get going and doing it together is what I really want this to be about. Seeing how far we go is a bonus.

      Happy you are taking part. Are you going to do the GoodLife Marathon?


    1. I would make a ball park guess for the two months. I will be emailing each week to find out how far you have run so I can track and update that way. If you want to let me know here what your guess is I can update your kilometers.

      Thanks for your help. Glad you are taking part.


  5. Reblogged this on I Eat Therefore I Run and commented:
    What a great way to connect us runners and bloggers from all over the world! I’ve just entered the relay and hope you’ll join me too. I can think of a few of you that would cover Minneapolis nicely, and Rachel, you could help Allison and I cover Scotland, especially with you ultra training. Let’s do this bloggers!


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