The start of our Around the Word Running Blog Relay Map

Happy Sunday!

For the last two weeks we have snow drops and crocus’ coming up in flower beds. I have seen cherry blossoms starting to appear as well on some of the trees. It was feeling like spring but today we have snow falling. Today I was also supposed to run in the Hatley 8k race but it was cancelled due to the weather. I think it was a good idea they did that because I don’t think most people from the island are used to running in the snow. And who enjoys running and getting wet feet? In a small way Warren and I were a bit happy though that we didn’t have to run because neither one of us were feeling like we would have a good run. We would have done it though and ran with our motto of “run your run”. But instead we went for a walk, ran some errands and got our feet wet that way.

Once we got back home I started gathering and entering the information I have received so far from the runners who are going to take part in the Around the World Running Blog Relay starting next month. So far there are 16 of us and that is exciting to me. I am hoping we can get more so if you know of some fellow bloggers who run or walk please share this with them.

So, do you want to know who you are running with so far and where everyone is? Check out the map I have started and will continue to update once I get more runners and walkers.

Our runners and walkers
Our runners and walkers

If you are reading this for this first time and would like to participate please fill out the form. Of if you are reading this again and have decided you want to sign up please do.

And one last thing…if you are mentioning this on Twitter or posting about it on your blog can you please use the hashtag #ATWRBR2014. That way I can see who is talking about it. Thanks in advance.

Who is the closest blogger you are running or walking towards or who could be making their way towards you?


15 thoughts on “The start of our Around the Word Running Blog Relay Map

    1. To see the map you don’t click on the picture. In the post you will see that I have linked the word map and you can see who has signed up there.
      Give it a try and let me know if you can see it now.

      Hope you are going to sign up.


      1. I signed up a few days ago – am looking forward to be part of this! March will be a bit of a non-representative running month for me, as I have two races and a lot of tapering, but I’ll still add whatever distance I can. =) And it works as long as I click on the link. Incidentally, the picture wasn’t displaying at all last night, but it all seems to be working now. I’m not sure what’s different, but I’m not complaining! =)


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