My day so far

This morning I was a awake a little before 4:00am and decided to just get up. I could have just laid in bed but I don’t really know how to do that. The cats also wanted to be fed and they were letting me know so instead of having them bother Warren too I got us out of the bedroom. Once downstairs I puttered around, worked on my new website a bit and then it was time to get a shower.

Today I had planned on running to yoga but as I headed out the door I decided that going for a bit of a longer of a run would be better for me. I  haven’t run many kilometres lately and I have a half marathon coming up as part of the Island Series on March 23.  12k is the longest I have run in the past few weeks so I could be in trouble.

As I headed down the road I could see the sky was a bit pink but there were buildings in the way to get a clear view. A bit farther down the road I came to an open field. Ah…there was the beautiful sky in full view for me to capture.


I continued on my way and completed 8k by the time I arrived at work.

How did your morning start?



14 thoughts on “My day so far

    1. Gotta love the furballs. 🙂
      I like that they get me up because like you said I am productive. I also like that I don’t wake to an alarm clock. I am sure that wouldn’t be a great way to wake up.
      Hope you had a good workout.


  1. How beautiful! I’d love to get out of bed as soon as I wake, but I’m too lazy- I like to lol around and listen to the radio for around 20 mins or so first. I know I could- should- get up and get in some exercise, but I never do!


    1. ha! too lazy! you are so active…we just have different times we like to be up.
      I do remember seeing a post though about you changing routine. I guess after April 11th though right?
      I just don’t want to do it after work because I would then make excuses not to go. Good for you for bring able to.


      1. My massage therapist would say that it wasn’t good and that you need to find your rhythm. But glad that you had a good run and everyone is different.


  2. Beautiful picture! I surprisingly slept in late this morning (6:30am), and enjoyed my coffee until my husband got up and made me some breakfast. It was quite pleasant!


  3. My day began about 0700 today, by checking my blood sugar, and then a bath. I dressed and drove to Panera Bread where I meet the guys two days a week to drink coffee, eat bagels, and talk about the world.


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