#ATWRBR 2014 Map updated

Runners blog relay 2014
Runners blog relay 2014

Good day and happy Wednesday!

Thank you to all who have shared my #ATWRBR2914 posts to try to get more people taking part.

I just wanted to let you know that we now have 26 runners and one walker as part of the Around the World Running Blog Relay of 2014. Eunice is training to walk a marathon this fall and thought anyone who is going to put time into training whether walking or running should take part. I have updated the map and you can see it here.

So, not long now. Saturday we start recording our training. Are you ready? Maybe I should tell you how I see this working eh?

I now have all of your emails so my plan is to email you every Saturday and find out your kilometers that you have run for the week. The week will run Saturday to Saturday so what ever kilometers you run on Saturday will count in the total you send me. If you are using the Charity Miles app to donate money to a charity let me know in the email what charity you have donated to and how much you raised.

Then on Sunday I will do a blog post letting you know how far we have made it through the week and also how much money was raised for the various charities.

My goal for all of this is to bring bloggers together, to motivate each other and just to have fun. I have already learned so much about some of you and I look forward to learning more.

So to the 26 of you, 27 including me, who have signed up thank you for taking part. I look forward to running with you and seeing how far around the world we get. I plan to start tracking the kilometers from Victoria, BC and go from there.

Where do you think we will make it to?



13 thoughts on “#ATWRBR 2014 Map updated

    1. I started this 0km too.I am racing today. Hope you had a good run. I think it would be great if we broke 5000km. Right now we are set to run 6500km. Maybe we will break 7000?


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