Mars bar or Mars planet?

This Mars?
This Mars?

It’s Friday and I am happy about that. I started my morning off with an almost 7k run and I felt good. My foot was kind to me today. It could have been because Dean worked out all of the ‘anger’ in it yesterday during my massage. It was painful but I didn’t cry this time thankfully.

This morning I decided to make some changes to my morning workout. I changed up my run rout a bit and weaved my way through different roads around the neighborhood. It was nice to not know the exact way I was going to go and to see new things. One thing I noticed while running was all the base of the snowman bodies that were built last week by the kids or the big kids at heart. It is kind of funny because it isn’t a typical sight in Victoria.

The other change I made to my routine was the music I listen to. Typically I will pick one of my playlists from a race and listen to that but today I listened to Kool 107.3. It was nice again not to know what was coming up and the randomness of it.  A few times I found myself smiling because of something they were saying. They were talking about the Oscars and what movie was going to take it this year.

Or this Mars?
Or this Mars?

The topic though that really caught my attention was the conversation about living on Mars. There is a man from Kelowna, BC who has been chosen along with a few others to go to Hawaii and stay in an 11 meter container for I don’t know how long. They are ‘test’ subjects to see what it would be like for the person or persons who want to be sent out to live on Mars for the rest of their lives; with no way back. It has me asking “Who would want to do that and what are you running or soaring away from?” The thought of leaving my life on earth and spending the rest of my days in a small container on Mars doesn’t appeal to me.

Would you be able to do it? Would this interest you? Which Mars would you rather?


9 thoughts on “Mars bar or Mars planet?

  1. Hmmm, maybe if they were terminal and just wanted to go out seeing some cool stuff? Funny story, I have a crazy uncle who once answered an ad in the newspaper to fly in a man’s homemade space rocket ship. Luckily he didn’t end up going through with it!


    1. Yes, sounds like a good plan that he didn’t go through with it. haha

      Sure…we could go for a few days, check things out and come back I could be down with that but not a lifetime or Mars. No thanks.


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