Around the World Running Bloggers

Runners blog relay 2014
Runners blog relay 2014

So, we have 38 of us taking part in the Around the World Running Blog Relay for 2014. Saturday was the first day and everyone seems to be very excited about it which make me excited.

A few of you have asked who you are running and walking with? I have created a map with all the runners which you can see here but below is an up to date list for you for you as well. I am still accepting runners and walkers so if you know of some who wants to take part have them fill out the form.

Here is the list of bloggers, their blogs and where they are from.

  1. Jayne M, TartanJogger from Tarbert, Argyll
  2. Simon A, Life After 35 Years from Thomasville, NC
  3. Angela W, Outdoor Running Adventures from Fort Nelson, BC
  4. Warren B from Victoria, BC
  5. Bernie E, Get Going, Get Running! from London, UK
  6. Sarah F, Irish Runner Chick from Salt Lake City
  7. Time Caldwell, Barefoot TC from Nottingham, UK
  8. Jamie W, Bay Runner Jamie, San Francisco
  9. Judith D, So Very Slightly Mad, Saratoga Springs
  10. Haley G, I Am A Runner Girl from Sacramento, CA
  11. Reni T, Cheers 3 from Portland, OR
  12. Allison M, Running Princess 78, from Perth, Scotland
  13. Jackie D, Out Running from Kitchener, ON
  14. Amanda N, Out Running from Kitchener, ON
  15. Eunice M, Growing Up Bike from Victoria, BC
  16. Danielle S, I Eat Therefore I Run from Laurencekirk, Scotland
  17. Sam P, Run Liverpool from Liverpool, UK
  18. Julia N, Full Moon Runner, St. Andrews, Scotland
  19. Lily B, Lily Runs the World, from Santa Barbara, California
  20. Cindy W, Foodie At The Finish Line, from Victoria, BC
  21. Falyn R, Slacker Runner from San Luis, Obispo
  22. Eli H, Eli Hawkins Blog from Cincinnati
  23. Laura P, And This is Thirty from Grand Forks, ND
  24. Amanda C, Got Curls from Victoria, BC
  25. Mary Lou H, Still A Runner from Harrisburg, PA
  26. Scott E, Pirate Bob Cat from Dallas, Texas
  27. Tara P, Food Life Vermont from Essex Junction, Vermont
  28. Kate Z, Hostels and Hot Roller  from Tamarindo, Costa Rica
  29. Kirsten H, The Blog Runner from Brighton & Hove
  30. Daun L, Simple Runner 2 from Gurnee, IL
  31. Steven, B, Love Running from Perth, Scotland
  32. Tamsyn S, Fat Girl to Iron Man from Southampton
  33. Ron W , Remember The Rain from Denver
  34. Eric T, Run Gadget from Sittard, Netherlands
  35. Lisa O, Runner Mama Blogger from South Setauket
  36. Jacklyn G, Jacklyn Giron from Split, Croatia
  37. Anna S, Pipers Run from Coldbook, Nova Scotia
  38. Kyla B, Motivation from Victoria, BC

Who is the closest person running near you? Have you met them? If not maybe now is the time to.

30 thoughts on “Around the World Running Bloggers

  1. Thanks for listing us, this is great! Just need to amend mine: I don’t live in Arbroath, I live close to Laurencekirk in Scotland; my race was in Arbroath. The other race I’ve entered on your form is in Balmoral. My blog is called ‘I Eat Therefore I Run.’


    1. HI Danielle,
      Sorry about that. I will amend yours. I was working on this late last night for me so I may have made a mistake. I will double check.

      Have a good day.



    2. I will also just update where you live instead of where you will be running. I won’t be changing where everyone is running a race week to week. Too many changes. 🙂


  2. Yay! It’s great to see who is who and where everyone is from 🙂 Nearest to me is Running Princess Allison and Full Moon Runner Julia. Allison ran the Perth Kilt Run last year, but we only became blogging buddies after that; Julia and I are hoping to run together later in the year 🙂


    1. That’s right – hopefully we’ll manage to meet at a race some time this year.
      Technically the nearest to me is Steve B Love Running, but then he is my husband! Also Full Moon Runner Julia whose blog I came across recently and Danielle at I Eat I Run who I met towards the end of last year. Maybe we’ll all make some new blogging buddies doing the ATWRBR 🙂


      1. haha well it is good that your husband is close to you 🙂 I have found a few new runners close to me and I hope to meet them soon. I just have to set up the “date” and I am hoping at some point I can meet some of the bloggers who are further from me at a destination race one day. Fingers crossed.


    2. I have a few runners close to me and two of them I have never met. I am hoping I get to now that this challenge is taking place. You can never meet too many new runners and people.

      Hope you and Julia get to run together. One day I hope you and I do Jayne. 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Get Going, Get Running! and commented:
    Hi everyone!
    Just thought I would re-blog this awesome challenge that I’m participating in. Organised by Kylabee at Motivation it’s an around the world relay where runners who blog or bloggers who run join up and see how many miles we can cover in March and April.
    As it’s only just started Kylabee is still taking entries, just fill in the entry form and you’re in. Hoping we can get some more people running, especially from the Southern Hemisphere!

    Happy running everyone!


    Get Going, Get Running!


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