Hilly Hatley 8k race recap

Royal Bay Bakery treats
Just a sample of the Royal Bay Bakery treats

Yesterday Warren and I took part in the Hatley 8k race at Royal Roads University. It was our run clubs home territory run so to speak so we also volunteered to help set things up in the morning.

Before the run I helped some of the volunteers with cutting up the delicious baked goods we received from the Royal Bay Bakery along with putting out the yogurt and milk for the runners to have after the race. Warren helped with various things like putting up signs around the gym, setting up chairs and getting some things ready outside.

The day was a grey one and little before the run it started to spit rain as well. To start off it was a bit cold, plus temperatures I am sure but I still wore my arm bands. I made my way to the front of the start line with Warren and we were off. I had forgotten my gloves so my hands were cold for the start but once I got going they were good to go.

I know that people will pass me at the start but I like to begin my races there. I had my “Hilly Hatley 8k” race playlist going and I was ready to find my rhythm and go. I had no expectations for this race but was a bit nervous about running because it’s such a hilly course. I haven’t done a lot of hill work lately so I wasn’t sure how I would do.

Volunteer Kim and runner Rich helping before the race.
Volunteer Kim and runner Rich helping before the race.

The race starts on a downhill which is always great. Then you run on a little bit of a flatter terrain and then it is a slow gradual incline for a few kilometers. I looked at my watch a couple of times at the beginning to try to see what pace I was keeping but then I just ignored it. I just was happy to be running and ran to how I felt. I knew though that if I felt too good I wasn’t to push myself and run faster because I was listening to Dean, my massage therapist.

As we came to the crazy hill which was around the 3-4km mark I moved to the balls of my feet and started pushing my elbows back to help get me up the hill. I could see Nadine, a fellow run club member making her way up the hill in front of me and as I went by said “Good job!” By the time I reached the top I told myself to not slow down and just keep running. I remember Nick telling us once at run club to not slow down at the top of a hill and push through.

For the majority of the race I ran behind another couple. I didn’t feel the need to pass them until I came to the long down hill of the run around the 6.5km mark. I just let my body go. I didn’t hold back and it felt like I was cruising. I kept going and my pace slowed down because my momentum from the hill was gone but I was still feeling good. It wasn’t that far now until the finish. Yay!

As I came to the 7km marker there was another downhill and I gained a bit more momentum again. I could see new to me runners in front of me since I wasn’t running behind the other couple anymore. As I neared the finish line I was feeling good. A few feet before the 100 meter sprint I started to pick up my pace because I was going to finish the run strong. I knew I wouldn’t win the sprint finish jersey for the fastest time at the end of the race but I wanted to give it all I had. I finished in a time of 37:49 and placed 8th in my age group. I was happy with my run even though my pace was all over the place. I felt good and enjoyed the run. Warren placed 4th in his age group and rocked his run.

Cindy giving Warren his 4th place ribbon
Cindy giving Warren his 4th place ribbon

So, this was my first run of our Around the World Running Blog Relay. I know a few of you ran over the weekend. Keep track of your kilometers. I will ask for the total on Saturday.

How was your Sunday? Have you volunteered for a running event before? Did you watch the Oscars?


8 thoughts on “Hilly Hatley 8k race recap

  1. Nice start to the challenge. I myself did 7 miles yesterday if you can count my 4 miles with the dogs a run. It was more like a jog/walk/trip. Ha Ha. The 5K I did later in the afternoon counts as well. it was a beautiful weekend here for such a challenge to start.

    To answer your questions, I like volunteering for triathlons. They are so fun because there is so much going on. I am volunteering for one in April, 2 weeks before the first one I will participate in. It’s going to be great being a part of one instead of just watching.

    Oscars? eh…… I watched a few minutes. I hadn’t heard of half the movies they were talking about, which is always the case. Action and psychological thrillers never make the cut…….. LOL.


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