Bootcamp Monday’s

A week ago this past Monday the group of girls that I do stair works with were supposed to go do a stair workout after work but since we had snow on Sunday we didn’t think the stairs would be safe. So, instead of cancelling our workout Tanya suggested that we could go to the Recreation Centre at RRU since we all worked on campus. That idea worked for all but one so the four of us met at the gym around 4:40pm. I had told the group that I would come up with a Drill Sergeant Beattie workout for them to do and they liked that.

8 rounds, 25 seconds/exercise and 12 second rest
8 rounds, 25 seconds/exercise and 12 second rest

After the workout was done there was a request to make it a regular Monday thing so last night after work Tania, Samantha and I met at the gym. We lost two of the members due to work commitments but hopefully they will be back next week. Monday morning before work I went through a few different workouts on Pinterest and wrote some things down. I didn’t want to make the workout so hard they got discouraged and one of the ladies is new to working out at a gym. But I did want to make sure they were challenged and pushed outside their comfort zone. I am also getting myself back into doing these kind of workouts again so I wanted the same for myself.

We did ten minutes of cardio on the treadmill to warm up and then we went through the exercises. I used a timer app on my phone so we could keep on track and have a rhythm. The app tracked our intervals, rest period and the length of time we were to do each exercise. Each exercise we did for 25 seconds and we had 12 seconds of rest and time enough to get in place for the next exercise. There were four different exercises to do and eight rounds in total which we repeated until the rounds were done.

First up I had us do mountain climbers, Russian twists, push-ups and crunches using a bender ball. Then we had to do shoulder presses with dumbbells, tricep kick backs with dumbbells, squats and last was plank. The ladies didn’t like that I had them holding planks but they did great. We went through the circuits twice doing each of the exercises four times in total.

The sky on my way home
The sky on my way home

The workouts that I am doing with the ladies are about 45 minutes in total because some of them have to get home to their kids. I love that we are all out together and pushing ourselves. I also feel in my element and it is a nice reminder to myself that being in the gym and helping to motivate and inspire people is what I love. I left the gym a bit sweaty, feeling great and a smile on my face. I then got a bit more cadrio because I had to ride Huli home but it was worth it. The sky was beautiful and there was something about the evening that felt different but I can’t explain it. The combination of it all was a perfect way to end my Monday.

How was your Monday? Do you like a bootcamp style workouts?

12 thoughts on “Bootcamp Monday’s

  1. I love the intensity of bootcamp workouts, but I’ve now been injured twice and I think it’s from letting my form slip when I would get tired. The feeling after a super hard workout is so great though!


    1. Yes, When you get tired it is hard to keep your form so slowing down I find sometimes is the best way to do so. You are still getting a workout but now doing it the right way.

      Maybe something you can consider if you want to try again?


      1. Definitely, I get so competitive with myself I want to do the workouts as fast as possible… I really need to remember to slow down next time.


  2. That sounds great! I like the tough fitness side, but I wouldn’t like Drill Sergeant Beattie to shout at me, boot camp style! 🙂


    1. I don’t really shout but I do push when they tell me they can’t. I also encourage and support along the way. They need both I know.

      I am called DSB by my coworker so now it has stuck. 🙂


  3. It was FANTASTIC! Thanks so much Kyla for putting it together. It is great getting together with others to help encourage and inspire each other. Looking forward to next Monday 🙂


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