Randomness of the week

Morning inspiration on my way to work Thursday morning.
Morning inspiration on my way to work Thursday morning.

So, it has been a few days since I have posted but not because I haven’t tried. I sat down one day to post but couldn’t get it to sound like I wanted it to so just stepped away from the computer.

Not sure what is going on with me this week but I have had trouble sleeping and wake up around 2:00am every morning for some reason. I then toss and turn until around 4-4:30am. Blah!

I have had a good week though for the most part. I have felt low in energy but still have been active. I have been busy at work too which I like.

On Tuesday morning I ran to yoga and it felt so good to be back at the class since I was able to go to last week. I missed it and I didn’t think that I would ever say that.  I am happy though that I have found it and having an injury has made me find new things to try which is good.

On Wednesday night Warren and I had run club. When we left the house it was starting to spit rain a bit and by the time we got mid way through the workout it was pouring down rain. I ran with Cindy again which was good because I didn’t have any energy. My legs felt tired and like lead. She helped to push me along even though she was tired and sore from a previous workout. By the time we arrived back at the store it was like we had all just stepped out of the shower with our clothes on. We were soaked! That hot shower when we got home felt so good.

Thursday morning I was going to go to yoga but my body felt like it was telling me I needed to just walk. So, I took the long way to work in the rain and walked 5k. It was a nice way to start the morning and there were so many worms all over the sidewalks. It was like I was playing “dodge the worm” on my walk.

Last night Samantha, Warren, Kelsey, and I went to do the stairs after work. It was Kelsey’s first time going with us but she had been to the stairs before. I did 11 repeats of them or 3718 steps. I had only planned on doing 10 repeats but I miscounted and got an extra. It was a bonus I guess you could say. I was happy I did the workout even though initially I would have been just as happy to go right home after work.

Today I am on a flex day and it is not raining which is nice. I went for a 4k run and then walked 3.5k because my legs didn’t want to run anymore. I did some errands while I was out and just enjoyed the morning. House cleaning and a hair cut are on the agenda for this afternoon. Oh the exciting life I lead. ha!

Oh! And we have 40 people taking part in the Around the World Running Blog Relay. Don’t forget to email me your total distance for this week on Saturday!

How was your week? Do you ever just sit down to write a post and it doesn’t happen? Do you sometimes wake up continuously at a certain hour of the morning?


6 thoughts on “Randomness of the week

  1. I’m having one of those post-blocks right now! 😮 I’ll be emailing tomorrow…. can’t wait to see the distance covered during week one!


  2. So you’re the one responsible for the great worm massacre of 2014. 😉 Thanks for reminding me to email you.
    I haven’t used my alarm to wake up in years. Somehow I have a pretty good internal clock.


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