Week 1 of Running Around the World recap

Well, the day got away from me and I am sorry for posting this update so late for some of you who 7-8 hours ahead of me.

The day was a productive one that included the Bazan Bay 5k race, some time spent outside getting our back yard area ready for flowers and plants, prepping meals for the week so we can eat well, then making supper and washing dishes. Thankfully Warren was home and able to help me out so we shared tasks.

It is almost my bed time but I had to get this post done because I said that I would. I also know that some of you are anxious to hear how we did for our first week of the Around the World Running Blog Relay. We have a total of 40 participants taking part for the first week and we have had a great one. I didn’t hear from three of the participants so their totals are missing. If they email me their mileage from this week I will add it to next week so we can keep track of how far we really do go. Our grand total from March 1-8th was: 1327.83km. I am very excited and way to go!

I loved getting all the emails from you guys letting me know how far you had gone. You all did great!

The total you see above are only walking and running kilometers. I was asked if other sports like skiing and a few other sports could be included but I didn’t add those. It is great that you are all being active in other ways but this is just about running and walking. Maybe the next time I do this I will make it a relay of all sports?

I was happy to hear from some of you that this relay motivated you to run. That is my main goal with my blog and why I started it. I want to inspire and encourage people to move. So, thank you for letting me know I helped.

I hope you have a good week of running and walking and I will email again this week to get your totals for March 8-15th.

Great first week you guys!

Did the grand total surprise you? Think we can beat our first week next week?

20 thoughts on “Week 1 of Running Around the World recap

      1. Most are averaging about that. I didn’t know if people wanted me to put their actual amount run so I didn’t. I also didn’t want it to feel like a competition because it is just about people moving to me. 🙂

        Happy running this week!


      2. I think there are some people doing marathon prep at the moment so there might be some big miles around, but it’s about everyone doing their km’s and all of them counting to make out group total higher so I’m just happy and amazed by how awesome the total was.


      3. Yes, I think you are right. That is part of why I picked March and April. I figured that would be a good time for us to get the farthest.

        The total was awesome.


      1. It’s a fantastic number and a great way to do it as the total so it doesn’t become a competition. I agree with you totally that it’s just about the participation. Some people will run more than others, it’s about every km counting no matter who does them!


    1. I can do that. I have also listed on the Around the World Running Blog Relay page at the top of my blog where every one is. I did that last night. 🙂 I will do a post about where we got to week to week. Good idea.


  1. Wow – that’s a lot of km!!! I’m just about to go for a run and will finish off my email/km to you shortly! Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Sorry, I just saw this post today…i’m behind!


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