Backyard bootcamp

Last night we had run club and it was a hard one but thankfully I had Rick to help push me through. He didn’t have a watch so he said he would run with me. I was happy for that because he ended up being my pace bunny and motivation. The workout was running for 5-8-10-8-5 minutes and we were to get a little faster as we went along. In between each set we had a two-minute jog to recover which I was happy for. It was tough for me but I really tried to push myself. I have noticed that my speed and legs aren’t what they were in December but I didn’t give up which is what mattered to me. Our workout was about 13k with the warm up and cool down. Phew!

This morning I decided to do a little workout in my backyard, AKA the cement slab with greenery around it. Over coffee and some cereal I made up a little workout to do and grabbed my skipping rope before going downstairs. I started with seven minutes of skipping and then did two rounds of burpees, alternating side plank, bicep curls with rocks and squats with rocks. I did each of these things twice for one minute and then skipped for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. My next two rounds of exercises consisted of cobra push-ups, alternating lunges with rocks, a combination of plank jacks and mountain climbers and then Russian twists with a rock. I did each exercise for a minute and ended with another 2 minutes and 20 seconds of skipping.

It was a quick 30 minute workout but it was the right way to start my day. It was dark when I started but I could see the sky was starting to getting lighter as I finished my workout. I liked that.

All I needed this morning was:

  • workout clothes but I could have stayed in my pj’s
  • sneakers
  • two rocks
  • my phone with my Interval Timer app
  • a skipping rope but I could have pretend skipped if I didn’t have one
  • the workout I had written out on a sticky note
  • my iPod
  • a hand towel which is optional but I wanted something to put my hands on instead of the cement

I loved that I didn’t have to leave home but could still be outside enjoying the fresh air. Spring is in the air in Victoria and I am happy for that. My wardrobe needs some color so I hope to get out soon and buy some new workout shirts and t-shirts to brighten things up. New clothes make such a difference just like last night when I got my new sneakers before run club. Best. Feeling!

So, the next time you want to do something in the morning but not sure if you feel up for a run grab a few things and head to your backyard.

Have you ever done a workout in your backyard? What did you use?

Have you bought spring clothes yet to brighten your wardrobe for spring?


6 thoughts on “Backyard bootcamp

  1. Sounds like a great workout! I quite often use my living room, but I don’t often have the weather to use the garden 😉


    1. Our weather is hit and miss too.
      This morning before I headed out the door it was pouring down rain. I ran to work and it was nice. Later it could be rain again. Fingers crossed though it stays nice.


  2. Haha, I love that you work out with rocks. I read an interview with Matthew McCanaughey (sp?) and he talked about going on runs and finding a big rock and doing presses with it. So you’ve got that in common.


    1. I don’t have weights at home and they were in my back yard so they worked. 🙂 We used to use them in a boot camp so I got the idea from them. It is good and free. Win win!

      Next time you are out with your kids you can pick some up. ha


  3. Fun! I live in a high rise, so no back yard, but have been dreaming of the day when we can buy a house with a small yard so I can grow veggies and my dogs can frolick off leash. Now I have another reason to covet a backyard 🙂


    1. Maybe you could do your workout on the top of the high rise? 🙂

      Or you could even just go to your local park and then you don’t have to drag rocks back home with you. I enjoy going to kids playground as well to do workouts. It is fun to improvise and change things up.


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