Week 2 of Running Around the World recap

Way to go to all of you this week! We rocked a total of 1256.35km for week two!

We covered a little less distance this week one but I also didn’t receive totals from two people. I did added the totals that were outstanding so we have that helping us. The majority of you ran more this week than in the first week which is great but there is no pressure from me to have a certain number from each of you. This relay is about bringing us together and getting us off the couch so if you walk or run one kilometer or 100km it all counts and I am happy. Keep it up!

I was asked to map out how far we have traveled and I decided to use the starting point of this relay as my hometown of Victoria, BC. So far we have gone a total of 2589.18km. Do you want to know who we have stopped by to say “Hello” to on our journey so far?

  1. Kyla B, Motivation from Victoria, BC
  2. Eunice M, Growing Up Bike from Victoria, BC
  3. Warren B from Victoria, BC
  4. Cindy W, Foodie At The Finish Line, from Victoria, BC
  5. Amanda C, Got Curls from Victoria, BC
  6. Reni T, Cheers 3 from Portland, OR
  7. Haley G, I Am A Runner Girl from Sacramento, CA
  8. Jamie W, Bay Runner Jamie, San Francisco
  9. Falyn R, Slacker Runner from San Luis, Obispo
  10. Lily B, Lily Runs the World, from Santa Barbara, California

and we have just about reached Sarah F, Irish Runner Chick from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I found out that Kirsten H is running for the British Heart Foundation and Steve B has decided to run for Macmillan. He is running for them because:

“Macmillan are a cancer support charity where they offer tremendous support not only to people who suffer from cancer but also the families as well. They’re a big charity in the UK. My reason for raising money for them is not only to enable them to help more people but also to raise the awareness of getting tested early if anyone start displaying unusual symptoms.”

I love that this relay is now benefiting each of you physically and charities too. If you decide to run for a charity next week just let me know when you email me your total.

Now on a personal note I reached my own milestone in a run since January. I ran 17.78km for the first time Saturday morning with Cindy since getting myself running again. It was difficult but I had Cindy to help push me through it. I was happy for the run for two reasons. The first one is because it was good training to prepare for the half marathon we have on March 23 as part of the Vancouver Island Running Series. The second reason is because we talked about the Whistler Half Marathon on June 7th and we have made it official. We have both registered and she and I will be headed away for a race and a girls weekend. I am excited because it will be my first destination half marathon and I look forward to it!

Have a great week of running and walking.

Where is your next destination run? Have you made a race part of a girls weekend or a guys weekend?

33 thoughts on “Week 2 of Running Around the World recap

  1. This is so awesome Kyla – it’s amazing to see how far we are running together! Super well done on your run too. I always find it hard to push through to new distances, but once I do, it always feels easier the next time. 😀


      1. Fingers crossed we do Eunice. 🙂
        Also, since you and I lived in the same place we will have to make a point of meeting sometime. It would be nice to put a face to blogs, tweets and comments.


  2. My next destination run is April 27 in DC for the Nike Women’s Half. I haven’t been to DC in awhile, so I’m excited. I’ve got one other race before then, but it’s just a 5k at home.

    This relay came during my peak marathon training time, so it’s kinds of fun to be adding the miles to this challenge. 🙂 I love the idea of the map connecting us all.


    1. Thanks Judith. It is neat to see us all connected now.

      Never been to DC. Hope you have a good run and I will look forward to reading about it.

      I figured the relay would be a good time to add up the miles cause most places have a run of some distance in May. I was also hoping to be training for my own marathon but that didn’t happen. Hopefully the fall now.


  3. It’s so fun to see the miles add up! A girls weekend sound so fun. I’m hoping to run the Rock ‘n Roll Seattle half marathon with a girlfriend in June, hopefully we can make it happen!


    1. It is fun eh? I like now that we can see how far we have gone and who we have reached on a map. That makes it a bit more exciting.

      Fingers crossed the girls weekend works out for you.


  4. Wow, that is awesome. I’m personally stoked to be part of this relay and I’m hoping we’ll get far enough to at least jump the Atlantic to pick up the UK and Europe, if not further. Great to see some people participating for charity as well, excellent effort to those guys!
    My next destination race is Paris marathon in three weeks. I’m excited, but unfortunately it means my mileage for this challenge is going to drop off next week. Boo!


      1. Maybe you two will meet in Paris? I will work on getting us to UK and/or Europe.

        If we don’t this round I may just have to extend the relay. haha 🙂


    1. All good that your mileage will drop. Where you drop off someone else will pick up and it will even out. That is the cool part about so many of us running in different races.

      I said earlier in another comment that maybe I will have to extend the relay until we get to everyone. 🙂

      Never been to Paris but it would be cool I would think to run a marathon there. I am learning about so many new runs this way. That is part of what I like.


    1. Here’s hoping we all make it.

      I have heard New Orleans is a cool place even though they carry guns. That is what a friend of mine told me after she visited. They were standing in line waiting to get into a restaurant and the guy in front of them had two guns. Scary but he was friendly. 🙂


      1. Oh, I looooooooooove New Orleans. Love it. I haven’t seen anyone with guns there, but then again, I live in Texas where they want everyone to carry guns. So anything compared to hear will be the lesser.


  5. so cool to see how far we’ve gone!! yowza, 17kms…its funny, when i was marathon training i used to think ‘oh thank god, only 24kms this week on the schedule’…hah! i can barely get through 10kms now!!


    1. Yes. I love seeing it on the map now as to how far we have gotten. It makes it seem more real or something. We may be to Utah but I couldn’t get Map My Run to work again after I got a few more totals for the week. Internet didn’t like me.

      17 was hard and so is 10 for me since I haven’t been up-ing my distance but I want to try and run the half on Sunday so had to have at least one longer run before then. 🙂


  6. That’s amazing! We’re certainly clocking up the distance! Next destination for me is my ‘runeymoon’ in Madrid for the RnR Half 🙂


    1. I received your form. YAY!

      I will email on Friday to get your total from March 16-22 for everyone else but if you could send me your total ran from March 1-22nd that would be great and I will add it.

      Happy you are part of the relay.


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