Week 3 of Running Around the World recap

You are rock star runners and walkers. Way to go!

Week three done and we are starting week four of the relay. Where are the weeks going? This week I found myself smiling a lot when reading your emails and I like how I am getting to know you better. I also find myself looking forward to opening the emails to see how far each of you have gone through the week. What I also enjoy hearing is that some of you are surprised at how far you have run and thank me for the motivation due to the relay. Well you are welcome and I am thankful for the relay as well because it has made me stay accountable a few times when I didn’t want to run. I knew I needed to help us get around the world so I needed to run.

I was asked by Warren the other day what the average person runs a week and I was thinking around 30km given the numbers that I am receiving each week but wasn’t sure. So I figured out that we are each averaging about 32.67km week. Some of you run more each week and that is great but if you were worried so to speak that you weren’t contributing enough distance you may think differently now.

Over the last three weeks I am learning more about you. I thought I would share with you some of the things I learned this week because maybe some of you don’t know what others are up to or who they are.

  • There is some friendly competition happening between some bloggers. I think that is good because it pushes you. I know that Warren and I have it and it as well and we benefit from it.
  • I learned that Allison and Steve are husband and wife. I didn’t know that. Did you?
  • I found out that Eli will be running 4 marathons in 4 months. WOW!
  • Anna ran her first sub 30 minute 5k and that was one of her goals. Congrats!
  • Julia was running a marathon in Rome on Sunday. One day I want to say that I ran a run in Rome.
  • Jamie was running in the Oakland Running Festival Half Marathon on Sunday.
  • I found out that Laura is running in a 100k race on Saturday, March 29th. Good luck!

I think I captured all the events but if I missed your big event I am sorry.

So, know to get to the moment you are waiting for. How far did the 42 of us get for week three? Our grand total for week was 1397.52km.

On this part of our journey we have said hello to:

  1. Sarah F, Irish Runner Chick from Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Ron W , Remember The Rain from Denver

and we have almost reached Scott E, Pirate Bobcat from Dallas, Texas. He let us know we could all have tacos on him when we arrived. Kind of him eh?

Last week I was asked by Cindy if I was happy with the number of people who are taking part in the relay. I told her I was very happy because I didn’t have a set number of people in mind to take part. If I would have got five I would have been happy but the fact that there are 42 of you makes me ecstatic. So, thank you very much for being part of my idea and thank you Jayne for writing your post about the GB Relay because you inspired me. I am happy to be running with all of you.

Give yourselves a pat on the back because you should be proud of your distance this week. Who will we reach next?

Do you have a favorite place to have tacos? Or do you make them at home?


25 thoughts on “Week 3 of Running Around the World recap

  1. Whaaaat!!? Runners/walkers are giving you juicy life deets!? Ok, my email for week 4 will a) be on time and b) be more than 5 words.

    I was wondering what the average kms travelled per participant was. I am going to up my distance this week as it is the last before my 30 days of biking. Hurray for longer days and warmer temps: it all helps!


    1. haha yes Eunice…they are giving me juicy deets.
      You aren’t the only “late” one and the only one who says a few words. There is no pressure.
      Hope you have a good week of walking.
      30 days of biking? I could post about that if you wanted. You can let me know on Saturday next week.


  2. YAY! Go team! Hahaha. 3 marathons in 4 months right now. The running group hasn’t convinced me that I’m that crazy yet…

    yet. 🙂


      1. No worries. If I had more vacation time and less injury, I would have completely gone in for the 4 in 4. haha. They’re trying to talk me into a 24-hr endurance ultra race now too… ugh. 😉


  3. This is awesome! We’re sure making our way around the world. I love reading the other blogs and hearing about their runs…thanks for sharing some highlights!
    PS – This challenge needs to continue, summer, or fall version 2.0 😉


    1. It is fun to read what others do. I like you guys are sharing with me.
      I am good to keep this challenge going. I will put it out there and see what people would rather. 🙂


  4. Great post again Kyla! Thanks so much for putting this together and keeping it going! It’s awesome to see so many people competing and also to see some people using the inspiration to improve their running. See you when you get to London, which should only be in about 3 weeks if this keeps up!


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