Welcome to Early Bird Fitness!

Welcome to my new site. It is the new home for my blog posts and more!

Why Early Bird Fitness? My friend Grace came up with it and I find the name very fitting for me. The few people I told agreed as well. As you have read in past posts I do love early mornings.

My goal for this site is the same as Motivation. I still want to help inspire and motivate people to be the best that they can be. But I also want to become a personal trainer. I thought that calling my future business Early Bird Fitness would be perfect and very suiting.

So, I hope you continue to enjoy reading what I have to say and seeing where I go. I know there will be some ups and downs but I look forward to the challenge and the adventure.

Before I sign off I would like to say a BIG thank you to some very important people who helped get me here.

Brad Felt, owner of CreativeJuicesΒ who created and designed my logo and website. I love it and feel that it shows who I am.

Jason Finnerty, owner of BrandscapingΒ pointed me in the right direction to even think about creating a new website.

Grace Campbell, friend and workout partner extraordinaire who knows me so well that she found a name perfect for me.

And to Warren Beattie, my husband and best friend who sat beside me while I got frustrated with how to videos and what everything did. He rocks and is my biggest supporter.

Have you ever created your own website? How did you find it? Have you thought about buying your own domain name?


While you are here, visit us on Facebook:
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Or follow us on Instagram:
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18 thoughts on “Welcome to Early Bird Fitness!

    1. Hi Anna,
      Last night we got the subscription plugin figured out and you can now follow my blog via email. You can find it on the right hand side of my blog page.
      Have a great day and hope the weather isn’t too rough in NS today.


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