Starting from scratch at the gym

Yesterday was the first day I used my RRU gym membership and as silly as it may sound I was excited to go. It had been so long since I had done my own workout with weights that I was a bit scared but I was ready to start from scratch. I didn’t have any expectations and that is what helped me get through it.

I arrived at 6:30am with my workout all written out in my notebook. I was prepared to just grab the weights and things that I needed to start. I decided that I would do the workout that Mimi, my personal trainer back in 2008 gave me. I knew the workout would hit all body parts or at least the majority and that was just what I needed.

When it came to picking the weights to use I wasn’t sure what I needed or could lift for some of the exercises but I took a guess. I found for some I had to take lighter weights and for others I could take heavier so I guess it all balanced out.

Last up was core work even though I was contracting my core for all of the other exercises. I found I struggled a bit after a few rounds but I didn’t give up. One of the last things I did was a side plank for 30 seconds on each side with 10 up and down side planks on each side where I was just moving my hips. I repeated the 30 second hold three times on each side and did the up and down planks just as many times. My arms started to shake trying to told myself up but I held it. I did take a break a couple of times so I could hold my form properly but I felt good about doing that. They killed my obliques and I can feel it today.

My hamstrings are sore this evening from the squats with the 18lbs kettlebell, the side lunges with 20lbs and the walking lunges with 20lbs. I like it though as weird as that may sound. As the day has gone on my legs have become more sore so walking is a bit tough after sitting for a bit.

I did my workout for an hour and left feeling good.

Then after work I met Robynne, Samantha and Tania for Drill Sergeant Beattie (DSB) Bootcamp. I had created us a workout that consisted of three rounds of three different exercises. We repeated each of those three rounds twice. The girls tried to get me to remove the planks and push-ups but I told them they didn’t have a choice. I was there to help them and I knew they could do anything they put their mind to. I know they like to give me a hard time and I am good with that. My main goal is for them to work hard and put effort into what they do.

The girls did a great job and enjoyed themselves. I did too and happy for Monday nights with them.

This morning Robynne had on her status:

“Things I took for granted before boot camp yesterday – lifting my arms…. — feeling hopeful with Kyla Beattie.”

I love it not because she was in pain but that her hard work paid off.

What is your favorite exercise at the gym? What is the exercise at that you struggle with but in a good way?


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