Happy Thursday

Today is my Friday because I have a flex day tomorrow and I am looking forward to having the day off. I have one appointment to go to but the rest of the day is for fun.

I am part of the great music swap with JanyeAllisonCourtneyJulia, and we are all sending MP3 players to each other. I received the MP3 I bought earlier this week so my plan is to get it loaded up with tunes so I can send it to Jayne. I am hoping she will get it in time to use on her runeymoon. I am excited to get my first round of music.

This post is kind of about random things but my morning started off happy and it continued to be full of happiness so I wanted to share it.

So, my random reasons of happiness for today were:

  • Riding Huli to the gyn and signing away at 6:15am. Then being caught singing by a guy walking his dog but it made him smile. Win!
  • Going to the gym for the second time this week to lift some weights.
  • The sun being out for the majority of the day.
  • Tanya and I taking part in a belated Holi festival at lunch that was organized by Royal Roads University. We sampled samosas, spring rolls and Semolina. I didn’t have any semolina but it looked interesting.
  • I laughed and enjoyed myself at the festival and was covered in powder by the time I was done.
  • I had a good day at work and came home to a tasty supper.
The group of us who had a lot of fun!
The group of us who had a lot of fun!

What made you happy today or made you smile? Do you ever sing early in the morning on a run or a bike ride?

5 thoughts on “Happy Thursday

  1. Woo hoo!

    I can’t wait to receive the MP3 player – it will definitely be coming to Madrid with me 🙂

    I just hope you like some of the random music on the one I’ve sent you!


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