Week 4 of Running Around the World Recap

Four weeks down and five left to go!

This week we traveled 1294.45km and that was with three people not running any distance and also missing totals from three other people. So, again impressive running this week.

We made it all the way to see Scott E, Pirate Bobcat in Dallas,Texas and we are now making our way to see Laura P, The Gluten Free Treadmill in Grand Forks, ND. We have traveled a total of 5347.14km.

So, what did I learn this week?

  • Well, Jayne is getting married in 13 days and she has been busy getting things ready for the big day with @TheWelshWookie.
  • BernieSteve and Allison are all tapering this week for the marathon in Paris next weekend. Wonder if they will all meet?
  • Tim accomplished an actual recovery run. He has always found this a challenge but he did it.
  • Reni told me a bit about herself and how she is studying to be a certified health coach. Warren and I are going to Portland over Easter weekend and I am going to meet Reni. She shared with me some things for us to do in her hometown and she will also be the first blogger I have met through our relay. I am excited about that.
  • Julia will be running a 55 mile ultra marathon in June. WOW!
  • Kirsten is training for the London 2 Brighton Challenge that takes place on May 24. It is a 100k ultra marathon. WOW again.
  • Eric is running in a half marathon today! Hope it was a great one!
  • Top mileage for this week was Judith with 93.7km and Laura with 95km.

Thanks to all who share your stories and such with me. I am enjoying getting to know you and I find you all inspiring. You make me want to try out new kinds of races and challenge myself in new ways.

Some of you have mentioned that you would like to keep the relay going so we can stop by all of the places on our map. Maybe we could even gather a few more bloggers for our relay and travel further. What do you think of having another relay in the summer or fall? If you are interested you can let me know because I am happy to host again.


15 thoughts on “Week 4 of Running Around the World Recap

  1. It would be great to have another relay in summer or fall! I bet lots of people will be ramping up their training for more halfs, marathons, etc. and we could really rack up some distance! Perhaps we could head across Europe next time :).



    1. Looks like you and Allison are game for one in the fall/summer so we will see what we can do. I want to train for a full if all goes well for October so it would give me a good incentive to run 🙂


  2. We’re sure clocking some km!!!! I would be in for the summer/fall. Sounds like there are some great success stories from this challenge/group. Very cool that you’ll get to meet another blogger in this too!
    (Thanks again for hosting)


    1. We are doing great. Looks like there are a few of you who are game so I will see next month when people want to start up again and for how long.
      Keep up your great running Anna.


    1. Perfect. As we get closer to the end this one then I will see what people think. I am hoping to train for a marathon in October so it would be good for me to have some motivation and even more of a reason to run. 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed having everyone stop by and say hi. I wish the visit would’ve been longer. But I understand that we must continue on with the North American ‘W’ we’re writing.


    1. We have to be artistic in running around the world because running itself isn’t pretty when we are done.
      The tacos were delish. Thanks so much for buying. I hope to come back soon for more.


  4. Hey!

    Sorry again about the late turn in for my distance this past week! I had a rare opportunity to train with some interesting folks – all of which are veterans and phenomenal runners/tri-athletes/ people on Sunday and the “Shooting the bull” afterward lasted longer than expected. Super-KUDOS to all those folks going long distance in this challenge! Wow. And everyone using this as a way to get started and build up a Habit of fitness!

    The website looks pretty sweet! Keep it up.



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