Sunday Wander

Yesterday Warren and I had a chill morning at home. I worked on my blog post and he played a game on the computer. That isn’t a typical weekend morning for us but it was a nice change of pace. A typical morning starts off with a run or a hike but we were waiting for it to get a little warmer so we could go for a ride on our road bikes. I was happy to do that and change things up. The only problem was when I really took a look out the window I noticed it was really windy and I am not a fan of riding Lily, my road bike in the wind. I always feel like I am going to get blown over. I know that is not realistic but it is something I am nervous about.

We then decided that we would take our mountain bikes, Mar and Cas out for a ride. We got dressed in our gear to go and Warren headed out to the garage first. He opened the garage door and then came back inside saying it was cold. I opened up our front door and felt the coolness in the air and said “I’m not going.” Now, if I would have been going for a run I would have been fine with the temperature but riding in the cool air is different. It didn’t help that I was already cold even before I left the house.

So, now what? We wanted to get outside and do something. Warren then said that he had an idea. We got changed again and just put on stuff for a hike or walk. We got in the car and about 15 minutes later we arrived at Witty’s Lagoon. I hadn’t been there since I first moved to Victoria almost six years ago. It was one of the first places though Warren took me to see and it brought back good memories.

The first time we went we didn’t go all the way around the trails but this time we went all the way to the Lagoon. It was so pretty and there were quite a few people there. I mentioned to Warren that we should come for a picnic and hang out there one nice summer day.

Below is our walk and afternoon in pictures.

Heart of rock...and roll?
Heart of rock…and roll?
A good shelter if someone was in need.
A good shelter if someone was in need.
Yup..we have matching shoes :)
Yup..we have matching shoes 🙂
Happy smiling faces with Sitting Lady Falls behind us.
Happy smiling faces with Sitting Lady Falls behind us.

Do you mind riding your bike in the wind and cold? Have you walked a trail lately that you hadn’t been to for awhile?


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