Week 5 of Running Around the World Recap

Well, we made it through the first month of the Around the World Running Blog Relay and you all should be proud of the running you have done to keep yourselves healthy and active.

This week for me has been a week of doing “random things to make people smile” and I am going to continue to do so today. I started at work by thanking my coworkers for their help the past few months. One coworker likes flowers and the other likes chocolate. I then gave flowers to a friend who was having a birthday last week. On Saturday I gave cupcakes to two of the exchange students who are at Royal Roads on their third term. It was one of their birthday’s and since they are away from home I thought that might be a nice pick me up.Everyone loved the little things I had done so it was a win win for us both. They smiled and so did I.

In keeping with this “random things to make people smile” theme and since we have completed one month of the relay, I decided that I would like to honor the top three runners who have ran the most kilometers in the last five weeks. I will be sending them a little something run related in the mail. I am hoping it will make them smile too. So, congratulations to Judith who ran 446.1 km, Laura who ran 350.03 km and Julia who ran 308 km.

I would also like to congratulate all of you who ran races in various distances this past month. Your hard work and accomplishments have inspired me and given me “the bug” to do destination races. I just want to find races that Warren and I can travel to and run. I think it would be so fun to run in the same race as one of you and then once we have completed the race we could celebrate together. If I had more holiday time and money I would be booking more races outside of Victoria. Thankfully I still have a long running “career” ahead of me and now know all of you now in different places so I could possibly make my way running around the world.

Now to get to the total that everyone is wondering. Our grand total for week five including the two totals I was missing from the week before is 1248.91 km and our grand total for the relay so far is 6529.97 km.

We have left Laura in Grand Forks, North Dakota and we are now on our way to visit with Daun L, Simple Runner in Gurnee, Illinois. We will reach him by the time we reach 6960km.

I think our map is starting to look like a dragon. What about you? Have any of you thought about running a race in Victoria, BC?


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