Motivational Monday

Monday’s seem to be called Monday Motivation in various forms of social media that I follow and even some blogs that I follow. I like that and think it is very fitting. I figure it is called that because Monday’s are the first day after a weekend and most of us are headed back to work so, we probably need a little extra bounce in our step to get us going.

I have looked forward to Monday’s lately because that is the day that I run my “DSB bootcamp” after work. I am not paid to do this but do it because I love to see people being active and leading a healthy lifestyle. Tonight there were five of us and we met outside at the stairs that are beside one of the buildings at work. It was a beautiful evening so it was a perfect place to workout. Before I left work I had written some things out on a sticky note that we could do and I was looking forward to the workout.

First up we did a warm up walk of the big hill on campus and then made our way down the little hill to the stairs. Tanya decided she was going to run and did the loop twice. We then walked back to the top of the stairs and separated into groups. Robynne and I were the first to go back down and up the stairs while Samantha and Tanya did burpees. They were to continues doing burpees until Robynne and I got back and then it was our turn to do them. Tania joined us just as Tanya and Samantha were headed back down the stairs so she joined their group.

We continued with this kind of mix of cardio and strength until it was time for us to go. I had us do:

  • toe taps in a plank position
  • step ups using a flower bed “wall” since we didn’t have boxes to step up on
  • standing with your arms straight out at your sides in a T-like position; sounds easy but it isn’t.
  • squat rockets which you do a pulsing squat twice and then jump
  • holding a plank

Then for our cool down we walked up the little hill at the top of the stairs to make our way back down the big hill. The girls were happy for the workout and so was I. I get enjoyment out of encouraging them and seeing them work hard. We banter back and forth and as much as they don’t like some of the things I ask them to do I know they do like it at the same time.

Do you have someone you motivate or push outside their comfort zone?





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