Week 6 of Running Around the World Recap

I had a 10k race this morning so my weekly recap is late again getting out.

Another week down and we have only three weeks left of the relay. It feels like it just started to me and since we are only through part of the United States it feels like we should have longer to go. I didn’t realize when I first thought about doing this relay that it travelling around the world would take some time. I have never been good at geography.

This week the things I learned from our fellow runners are:

  • Jamie is training for a marathon and this relay has really motivated her.
  • Allison and Julia just discovered that they work in the same town and are going to try and meet. Danielle and Allison have also met before the relay started and will meet again at another race later next month. I love hearing about bloggers meeting.
  • Kate is coming back to Victoria after five months of travelling around Costa Rica. She and I were in the same heat for the Mudd, Sweat, Tears event back in November but we didn’t know each other. It wasn’t until my event recap that we connected. I look forward to meeting her once she is back and settled.
  • I found out from Sam that emailing me his totals for the relay was on his “To-do” list. I liked that and it made me smile.
  • Lily ran half of her distance along the English Country side and the other half in Zurich. So cool!
  • Mary Lou ran 17.70k of her distance for the week during Leg 290 of the One Run for Boston moving through Pennsylvania. All the fundraising done through the run goes towards the families and victims of the Boston bombing.
  • Daun is training for two half marathons this month. One is in Wisconsin and one in Chicago. Good luck!
  • Eric is running with his two kids and wife today in a 500 meter run for the kids. I love hearing that families are being active together.
  • Jackyn is training for a staircase race. I had never heard of these but two others she mentioned are Empire State Building Run Up and Sky Rise Chicago Tower Up. They sound like a good challenge for me to attempt one day.
  • And last but not least Jaynie got married on Friday! Congrats ladio and happy runeymoon to you and @TheWelshWookie!

So, now for the moment you have all been waiting for. How far did we run this week? Well, we have traveled 1335.20 km and in total we have gone 7865.17 km. We made it all the way to see:

  • Daun L in Gurnee, Illinois
  • Eli H in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Simon A in Thomasville, North Carolina
  • Mary Lou H  in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Jackie D in Kitchener, Ontario
  • Amanda N in Kitchener, Ontario
  • and we are on our way to visit with Judith D in Saratoga Springs, New York

We stopped at a lot of places this week. Not sure design you would say our map has now but I am loving that we have made it to so many places. Way to go peeps!

Wonder how far we will get next time?




10 thoughts on “Week 6 of Running Around the World Recap

  1. This is great! I say we keep going until we circumnavigate! See how long it actually takes us to do the whole distance… Maybe after this part is finished, just have people turn in monthly totals? Just a thought.
    Cool, as usual!



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