Sooke 10k and VIRA series recap

Yesterday was the last race of the VIRA series and it ended with the Sooke 10k. It was a beauty of a day for a run and I heard a few people say afterwards that it was almost too hot for running. I would have to say that I agree much as I love the sun and heat; I enjoy cooler temperatures for running.

The course for this race is about a 25 minute drive from our house so that meant we got to be at home longer. I enjoyed breakfast and coffee while working on gathering the totals from the Around the World Running Blog Relay for week 6.

I was considering creating a new playlist for the race but decided to use the one I made for the Merville 15k race last weekend. I enjoyed the tunes and they were fairly new to me so I figured I would be energized by them. I had my watched charged and all my gear ready to go.

As we arrived closer to the race I started to get nervous. I have run this race in the past but there felt added pressure I guess cause this was the last one of the series out of the eight. I had placed in the top ten for all the races except for the Cobble Hill 10k. I had to walk that one because I wasn’t allowed to run due to plantar fasciitis (PF). I still have PF and I am still getting treatment for it. My heel feels like it is in a constant state of bruised but I am allowed to run so continue to do so.

Warren and I did a little warm up to get ready for the run. As we headed to the start line we saw some familiar faces of fellow runners and then we saw Warren’s parents. They surprised us and came to see us run which was nice of them to do. At the start we were counted down and away we went. My heart was racing even before I was.

The run is a hilly one. Just when you think you done with hills there is another and this course is an out and back. I saw some of the people that I am typically running with and saw others in front of me who are typically in front of me at these races. At the 3k mark I grabbed a little water and then did the same when I came back because my mouth was dry.

After the turn around mark I was happy to be headed back. I had the finish line in mind and just wanted to be done. I was inside the last 500 meters of the run when all of a sudden there were three ladies to my right. Ah…where did they come from? They were running beside me and then as we turned the corner they moved in front of me. I had no idea if any of these ladies were in my age group but being the competitive person that I am I was not going to let them finish before me if I could help it.

I am not a sprinter so I had to make sure that I didn’t use all of my energy too soon. As we approached the last 100 meters of the run I figured someone was going to start sprinting and I made sure I was too. I took off, well as fast as I go and I did my best to keep going. I could hear people hollering my name as I went along but I was too focused on the finish line to look around. I did it. I made it over the finish line before they did. Phew! I couldn’t breathe when I was done but I was happy for the strong finish.

I finished with a time of 44:55 and I placed third in my age group. I even got a shiny bronze medal and it was my first one for this year. YAY! Warren placed 6th in his age group for this race.

Ice cream cones are like gold medals to us.
Ice cream cones are like gold medals to us.

At the end of the race series they have awards for the top ten in your age group. They take your top five races to determine how you place overall. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do but my goal for this year was just to complete all the races and I had. I ended up placing fourth in my age group and I have to say that really surprised me. Warren places 6th overall in his age group and we both received medals.

Since Warren and I have been doing the series we always reward ourselves with an ice cream cone from the Shell gas station on our way home.Their one scoop cone is actually two scoops and the ice cream is so yummy. I had one scoop of mocha chocolate caramel and one scoop of chocolate peanut butter. Yum and the best way to end our afternoon and a successful series.

Do you reward yourself with something after you have completed a race or an event?


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