Portland Bound

Today is an exciting day because as of noon I will be on vacation. Warren will be finished work a little early as well and we will then head to the ferry to make our way off the island. We are Portland, Oregon bound but we won’t arrive there today. We will make a pit stop at a hotel along the way and arrive in Portland tomorrow. I am excited about our little getaway.

Warren and I made a brief stop there last May when we were on a two week road trip and we thought it would be nice to go back. We didn’t see much of the town except for Voodoo Doughnuts, we had lunch at Karam Restaurant and we went to the street market. This time we will spend more time seeing the sights and sounds.

We have plans on the Saturday night to go to the Barrel Room which is a dueling piano bar. If you have never been to one I would recommend going because they can be a lot of fun. We now look to see if there is one in the places we are headed when we travel so we can check them out. I also have plans to meet with Reni, a fellow blogger and participant in #ATWRBR2014. We will meet for coffee at her favorite coffee shop on Friday and I am looking forward to that.

I will be taking my running gear because I love to explore new places that way. You can see so much more I find. I won’t be taking my laptop and will be disconnecting from the world for a bit. So, to those of you taking part in the relay I will be late with our recap and will post it when we get back. Have a great Easter and enjoy the time with family and friends.

What do you have planned for the weekend? Have you ever gone to a dueling piano bar?



7 thoughts on “Portland Bound

  1. Yeah for vacation!!! I too, will be on vacation as of 4:30 today (which might be close to when you’ll be starting vacation too 😉 That’s so great you’ll be able to meet up with another blogger!
    My plans for the weekend are to run, clean the house minus the girls being home (tomorrow), have lots of family time, play outside, run a little more 😉 and maybe hit up the Zoo in Aylesford!!!
    Have a great vacation!


    1. Enjoy your vacation time. You will be done a half hour after me. 🙂
      I used to live in Aylesford on the 221 growing up. My Nan used to take us to that zoo. Have fun! I’m sure your girls will love it.


  2. Enjoy Portland! We were there last summer and loved it. Especially ice cream at Salt and Straw – amazing and Ken’s Artisan Bakery for amazing French pastries.


  3. Portland is one of the few major US cities that I haven’t visited yet. But I love the idea of it. Have you seen the show Portlandia? Funny stuff. Look up the song they did about Portland when you get a chance. “The dream is a live in Portland” I think that’s the title.


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