Week 7 Running Around the World Recap

I am late with our recap for week seven and I am sorry about that. We have been go, go, go since we got back from Portland on Monday evening.

This will be just a quick post to let you know our total for week seven. We ran and walked this week 1134.01km. We now gone a total distance of 9029.76km. I was missing seven totals from people this past week so I will work on getting those numbers this week and add them in.

When I started plotting the map this week it ended up that I had to look back on last week’s recap because as I made our way to Judith in Saratoga Springs, New York we were over our total distance. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I plotted the map again this morning and I realized that I forgot to go to Dallas to see Pirate Bobcat last week. So we are still on our way to see Judith.

On another note, one cool thing that happened while Warren and I were in Portland was I got to meet Reni. I had connected with her before we left and we made plans to meet for coffee. It was nice to meet and spend some time getting to know each other. She gave us recommendations for things to see and do while we were there as well which was a bonus.

Reni and I in Portland
Reni and I in Portland

How has your week been?


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