RRU RRun Away RRUn Away Team

This year I was the team captain for the RRU RRun Away RRUn Away TC10k team at my work. This was the first year for me to take on the role but it was fitting for me since I love to run and see people be active. Being captain involved sending out reminder notices through Crossroads to staff and students so they were aware of the event and I also picked up the teams race shirts and numbers to hand out before race day. It was fun and I was happy to be part of the group.

We had 18 of us registered for the team before race day but the day of we had 14 take part. One person who did take part is not listed below in the group because she registered as a walker. We ended up coming second out of seven school or education teams that registered for the run. YAY us!

 Total time ran: 4:07:53 
 Team: RRU RRUn Away RRUn Away                           
 Average run time: 49:35
  1    44:19  Nick Mudry                     8 (1:01:04) Teri Weatherbee           
  2    44:47  Kyla Beattie                   9 (1:06:18) Kelsey Phillips           
  3    50:34  Todd Lindsay                  10 (1:06:28) Gen Hasegawa              
  4    51:25  Jessica Subin                 11 (1:22:49) Sylvia Jones              
  5    56:48  Darryl Karleen                12 (1:29:55) Temara Bolduc             
  6 (1:00:19) Sarah Chettleburgh            13 (1:34:42) Joyce Bartley             
  7 (1:00:54) Rhona Kerr

As for myself I didn’t have any expectations for the run. I was hoping to be under 50 minutes but I wasn’t out to compete. I had just spent the last three and a half months racing every other weekend and my body was feeling like it needed to just run a fun run. Warren and I arrived in time for him to check the bag we had and for me to wait for the port-a-potties. By the time I was done I had enough time to make my way to the start and didn’t get a warm up in. I didn’t like that but there wasn’t much I could do about it. The elite racers took off at 8:00am and Warren was in that group. His goal was to be under 40 minutes and he just made it with a time of 39:58. Phew!

My heat started at 8:05am because I was in the 40-49 minute group and they continued to wait five minutes before each time category could go through. In the 10k run there were 8439 people and on top of that there were walkers, wheelchair, visually impaired and the half marathon runners all taking part in the event.

I ran along and enjoyed the run. I didn’t pay much attention to my watch and more to my surroundings. I looked for my friend Robynne along the way because she mentioned she would be rooting for her bother. I saw the bands playing at various check marks along the way and I noticed a rainbow in the sky. As I approached the one mile marker I looked at my watch and it read 38 minutes and change. I decided it was time to push myself and I was going to cross that finish line in under 45 minutes.

As I approached the last 500 meters or so I could see Rich from run club running in front of me. I made it my goal to try and catch up with him. I was just arriving behind him when I saw his girlfriend and some other friends along side of the road cheering him on. I waved to them and they started telling him I was behind him. I then came along side him and said “Let’s go! Let’s finish this off and help me get to the end.” He said “No, go on without me.” I tried to encourage him to come with me but I had no luck. I took off as fast as I could and crossed. I was under the 45 minute mark and I was happy about that. Today when I looked at the results I noticed I placed 7th in my age group out of 522 people. WOW! That impressed me and I am really surprised to read that.

Overall the morning was a good one and it turned out better than I had planned. I may consider not looking at my watch more often and just run as if I am out for a fun run. Next race for me could be May 18th in the first GutBuster of the series at Western Speedway.

Did you run in the TC10k this weekend? How did you do?

Have you ran a race as part of a team event before?


2 thoughts on “RRU RRun Away RRUn Away Team

  1. Well done!
    My only experience of racing as part of a team is the relay which is part of the Edinburgh marathon but this is a different setup to your team race. The 26.2 miles are split into 4 legs ranging from 4 to 9 miles so that runners of different levels can take part. The race takes place alongside the full marathon and team members pass a wristband between them at changeover points. The final runner collects a medal for everyone in the team. It’s good fun.


    1. Thank you.
      That sounds like a lot of fun. I have never done a relay race but would be interested in doing one. There was talk of doing one in May with a few of the people from my run club but nothing came of it. Thanks for the reminder. I will bring it up again.


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