Monday Bootcamp

Monday’s over the last little while have started out being days that I sometimes do two or three workouts if I have been able to get myself things prepared for the day on Sunday. If prepared I head to the gym to do my own workout of weights and a bit of cardio before work. Then if I am not needed in the office at noon I take part in Kelly’s Strength and Cadio class at the gym. I get a good workout and I enjoy being ‘cheeky’ with Kelly as she called it yesterday. It is fun and doesn’t feel like workout even though it is. Below is the Filthy Fifties workout she had us do.

The workout Kelly had us do in the class.
Fun times!

After work I then run Drill Sergeant Beattie (DSB) Bootcamp with some of my coworkers. Last night was a perfect sunny evening and Mitch, Robynne’s son and Warren joined as us for the fun. I had my trusty sticky note with our workout written up on it and away we went.

First up was a warm-up walk of the big hill on campus and then we met at the bottom of the stairs for me to explain what we would be doing. We separated into groups of three and as one group went up the stairs the other group was doing an exercise until that group got back. The things we did were:

  • push-ups
  • jumping jacks
  • squat hold
  • plank one arm and alternate to the other side
  • ‘jump rope’
  • 10 toe taps and alternating 10 high knees
  • tricep dips.

As we did our workout we would see other staff and students going around us. Some of them have seen us there before so they know what is happening and give encouragement which is nice. 

Next week I start my Fitness Theory Course so we are moving bootcamp to Thursday’s after work. I am happy the girls were good with changing the day because I look forward to the workouts with them.

What did your workout look like on Monday? Did you run or something else?


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