The Great Running Music Exchange

Earlier this year fellow bloggers Julia and Jaynie started a Great Running Music Exchange with each other and when the opportunity came for me to join in I did. Allison, another blogger I follow did as well. So, what is the great running music exchange?

Well, we all had to go out and buy MP3 players, load music on them and then send them off to one another. Not too complicated eh? I sent mine to Jaynie and she sent one to me. Julia was also sending one to me. On Monday when I came home from work there was a package sitting on the counter for me. I was excited to see it because I knew new music was coming my way. It was my MP3 player and more from Julia.

Yesterday morning I was going to go to the gym for a workout but decided I would go for a run instead and listen to my new beats. I pressed play and had no idea what I was going to hear. The first few songs were country and I had never heard them. I then started listening to female singer I had never heard before and then the songs went to the familiar Katy Perry about 20 minutes into my run. It was great running to the unknown and I can’t wait to hear what else is on the player.

Thank you Julia for the package full of goodies. So exciting and I love what I am listening to so far!

Lindt chocolate bunnies, Mini chocolate eggs, body wash, a candle and tunes.
Lindt chocolate bunnies, Mini chocolate eggs, body wash, a candle and tunes.

Have you ever taken part in a music exchange with fellow bloggers or even just your friends in your home town?




2 thoughts on “The Great Running Music Exchange

  1. Oh, I’m glad that the package has arrived! I hope you’ll enjoy my running tunes, perhaps you’ll discover some new songs that you like, or re-discover some old ones which you had never really considered as a running song before! I find that pressing the play button without knowing what’s going to come next to be really fun and exciting! 😀


    1. Yup! It arrived and I am loving everything. I shared some of the chocolate with Warren and once we finish the candle we have in use on the mantel of the fireplace I am going to lite the one you sent. It sounds so pretty.

      I used the MP3 player yesterday for my gym workout and it was a great way to be distracted from being inside and looking at 4 walls surrounding me. I am loving it. How long before I send it off again?


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