My First Fitness Theory Class

Last night was my first class for my Fitness Theory course through Body Blueprint and I was excited. We were told beforehand the class would be an introduction to what we would be learning and developing a workout plan.

I typically get nervous about finding a new location; even with GPS so I made sure before the class took place I found the school I needed to go to. It was a good thing because it took away the stress of finding it last night. Once I walked in the side door of the school though it did become like a maze to find the classroom but I had arrived in plenty of time.

When I walked into the room there were two other students already seated at desks. The instructor, Christina introduced herself to me and handed me my book and handouts. I sat myself at the front of the class and then introduced myself. I had told Warren before I left the house that I was looking forward to meeting new people who love what I love, little did I realize.

As we waited for others to arrive we talked about how weird it felt to sit in the small desks since we haven’t been in school for a while. It ended up that only two more people showed up for the class because Christina had just taught a weekend course a few weeks before so the majority had gone to that class. I like the fact that there are only five of us because then we are able to get to know each other better and our questions will be heard. We can also share more about what we know and help others.

Christina asked us to say who we are, what we do and a little about ourselves and I was first to go. It ended up that we shared some of the same reasons like weight issues in the past, the love of leading healthy lives, desire to change jobs and do what we love, and just general knowledge of how we can improve our own workouts.

As the class went on I felt happy and energized. I was in the right place and  realized for certain that I had made the right decision to start this journey. I was sitting with people who understood me and I them. Things that made me smile were:

  • their love of food and how they look forward to their next meal even when they have one in front of them
  • how they can eat all day and still be hungry
  • the love of being healthy and leading an active lifestyle
  • they love peanut butter…on anything!
  • they feel better all around after a workout
  • they love to sweat
  • and so much more.

After one class I feel that I am the person in the class who makes people laugh and I like that but we are all easy going so that helps. Maybe as time goes on everyone will open up more. It is going to be a fun group to learn with.

Off to do my reading and my homework because I have class again Wednesday night.

Have you done the Fitness Theory course? What was your first class like?



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