Ammonite Falls Hike

The last few weeks have been busy with school, homework, running and other day-to-day things. I feel like I am keeping all the balls juggling in the air but things are starting to feel a bit overwhelming.

Last week Warren mentioned that he wanted to go for a hike with me because it had been some time since we had. I suggested that we go to Ammonite Falls because we had never been there before. Warren was good to do that and suggested that we check out the mall afterwards.

After breakfast on Saturday morning I packed us a lunch and snacks before we took off around 8:30am. It was supposed to be a nice day but when we left it was a bit grey. Thankfully for our hike the sun made an appearance and it was a nice day. As we arrived at the trail head an hour or so later there were lots of cars in the parking lot. Warren had written out the directions of what trails to follow because there were a few different trails in the area that didn’t take you to the falls.

We started out on an old logging road and it was easy walking. At various points the sun was shining through the trees and it looked pretty. The picture below is not one of those moments because I couldn’t capture it like it really was in that moment.

The logging road to the trail
The logging road to the trail

After the logging road we entered a narrower trail but we could still walk side by side. As we reached that section there were signs in bright blue that marked the trail well. We commented how nice it was to see blue signs instead of green or brown ones like you typically find in wooded trails. We continued to use Warren’s directions just in case but if we went again we wouldn’t need them due to these signs.

Follow these bright blue signs
Follow these bright blue signs


Not long after the sign we came to the top of a “hill” that was more single track trail. As we went down it I mentioned to Warren that it was going to be fun to come back up later. Insert sarcasm. The trail was pretty and I was looking forward to seeing what the falls would look like once we arrived. The climb back up the “hill” later definitely got your heart rate up and your legs burning. It would be doable though for kids or someone new to hiking. You may just want a break or two.

Warren going down the 'hill"
Warren going down the ‘hill”

As we came to the end of the trail I could hear the falls but didn’t see them. There were a few people in the area and we started to follow them. Once we made our way down another little trail we reached a fence and I could hear the falls louder now. I had read before we left that there were ropes to go down to get to the bottom of the falls. I wanted to check out the area so I started using the ropes but found them very muddy because the rest of the area was muddy. Since I didn’t have gloves I actually found it was easier to just find my footing in various places along the way instead of using the ropes. Once we reached the bottom you could feel the cool breeze from the falls and moisture in the air. It was pretty and loud at the same time and worth the climb down.

Warren and I
I love our selfie pictures 
The beautiful Ammonite falls
The beautiful Ammonite falls


After snapping some pictures I went to check out a path that went to the right of the falls. It was well worn and I figured it could be another way to get back to the top. I told Warren that I was going to try going that way. It wasn’t muddy and there weren’t any ropes but it was the better way to get to the top…or so Warren and I thought. So, if you go check out the falls make your way to the right and take the other path to the top. You may find it better than the muddy trail to the top.

Have you been to Ammonite Falls? Have you checked out any trails that lead to falls in your area lately?



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